Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nature Found Our Pond

Look what we found in our pond tonight!  Well actually, it was sitting on the sidewalk right next to the pond.  Clint thought it was one of my little garden statues that the kids moved out of place, and he went to kick it out of his way (real nice honey, thanks), but before his foot even touched it, the alleged garden statue suddenly started hopping away.

We can't figure out where he came from.  The closest body of water is 'Tumbleweed' Lakes, but geez is that a long walk--er hop--for one little bull frog.  Or toad.  Or whatever he is.  But the kids and I were so excited to have a new pet that of course we all had to take pictures with him.

I was thinking about giving him a quick peck to see if he would turn into a prince, but then he peed all over my hand.  So I decided to pass him to Elijah instead.

 Elijah petted him, and then passed him to Trinity.

Trinity held him (probably a little too tight), and then passed him back to me.  I then let him go back into our pond, where he swam happily away.  I hope the cat doesn't eat him.


Goodnight, Prince Charming.


  1. that's so cool!


  2. Sorry for the lack of comments lately. The pumpkin makes everything take 2 or 3 times longer which includes dinner, showers, going to bed, and waking up to go to school, though you probably already have experience with that. I found a froggy the same night on my window.

    Love the glasses ;)


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