Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Virtual Sunflower

I can't really write a post today because I just got home from work and we have company coming over in a couple hours, but I just had to post this picture.  I was having another grim sort of day at work when I received this image through my cell phone.  Sunflowers are my favorite flowers, so opening this image during 5th period just lifted my spirits for the rest of the day.  Especially since I know the painstaking effort the photographer went through to find a real-life sunflower in his particular community.  :)  Based on the quality of the photo, it probably took him some time to take this picture, as well.   

I wonder if every female has a favorite flower?  I'm also curious if a woman's most favored flower says something about her personality.  I bet there's a facebook quiz out there somewhere that claims to solve that riddle.   


  1. Its 5th period already? I have to get to metal shop!

  2. Favorite flower, hmmmm? I love lilies and tulips, but they kill my allergies!

  3. Lilies and tulips...very pretty. At least your favorite flower doesn't get harvested and eaten like mine. :-(


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