Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lazy Me

I am one lazy life form.  Today I went through my classroom fridge and pulled out eight or nine tupperware dishes that had collected over time.  I do have a sink in my classroom, so for about forty seconds, I actually contemplated undergoing the very reasonable task of washing the dishes and bringing them home.  But then, quite suddenly, all of the plastic dishes somehow magically propelled themselves from my hands into the trash can about eight feet away.  When I entered the house after work today, the first words out of my mouth were, "We need new tupperware."

One of my students today threatened to burn my car down.  I know, *gasp*, but it was actually part of a bad joke.  At any rate, I asked said-student if I could choose which vehicle he decided to douse with kerosene, because my 2007 HHR was getting really dirty.  Washing your car can be a pain in the ass, and Lord knows I'll never actually cough up the change to pay for a real car wash.  I'd really love to just take that insurance money and buy a new one...nice and clean.  Like I said: Lazy.  It's lucky that we don't qualify for a new house every year, or else we'd be moving every time the spring-cleaning season arrived.

Despite my inherent laziness, my homeroom class won the Red Ribbon Week poster contest...first place!  Today we enjoyed our reward:  An ice-cream party early this morning in 45 degree weather.