Friday, October 22, 2010

Pancakes and Costumes

Going to try to make this quick. 

Last night I lost a big chunk of my evening putting on the final touches to our anti-drug homeroom poster.  Every year, during Red Ribbon Week, our school holds a poster-making contest between all of the homeroom classes.  My class's came out cute, but the competition gets pretty competitive, so I'm not sure if we will place or not.  I remember a few years ago, my students did a paintball-themed poster, and it came out so adorable.  We felt certain that we would win, but we wound up losing.  The only time my class has ever won this competition was five years ago, when we did a poster with a music-theme, and turned our poster into a giant boom box.  This year our theme is "facebook," and it actually has a great anti-drug message, but we'll see.  No matter what, we always have a good time making the poster (who am I kidding...I want to win!). 

This morning we had our Aces Breakfast.  Everything was almost perfect, except for the fact that we usually have two grills, and this time we only had one.  As a result, I had a very long line of students who were waiting for pancakes, and I couldn't cook them fast enough.  I wound up grilling pancakes well past the first bell, and finally ran into my classroom nearly ten minutes late, still wearing my apron and covered in batter. 

Tomorrow night we are going to a costume party.  Clint hates Halloween, so this is a big step for him.  I'm just relieved to have finally found a costume!  We normally do our Family Themed Nights during Halloween every year (and we still will), in which I generally just piece a costume together.  I haven't officially shopped for a real costume in probably a decade.  I had no idea the direction costumes had taken in the last few years--wow.  I swear on Wednesday I thought I was in an adult toy store rather than a costume shop.  Today we found a better store--"Costume City"--and they actually had reasonable costumes.  I picked mine out in about five minutes, and Clint took about ten minutes more to pick out his, which was fast enough to make the whole process nice and stress-free (Clint gets edgy in Halloween stores).  Clint is going as some kind of Samurai warrior, and I'm going as Robyn Hood.  I'm really excited to have a good time with friends tomorrow.  I'm just hoping Clint doesn't feel too uneasy at the party.  I've done just about everything I can to prep him for the environment and have even suggested he stay home due to his wariness with Halloween, but naturally he doesn't want to send me off alone.  I'm sure, too, that a part of him doesn't want to be left out of the festivities, even though they're festivities he doesn't agree with.

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