Tuesday, October 19, 2010

200 and Lights Out

This is my 200th post!  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  On the one hand, sticking with an online journal for two hundred entries might be viewed as somewhat of an accomplish, given that half the people who attempt a regular blog ultimately give up.  On the other hand, two hundred entries?  That seems like a lot of wasted hours of life that could have spent living instead of blogging. 

During first period today, there was a thunder storm.  I was in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation when the students and I heard two loud crashes of thunder, and suddenly the power went out.  My room has very little natural light, and with the darkness of the sky outside, it was nearly pitch black. I do have really lousy night vision though, so this could've just been me.  At any rate, we couldn't see, so we had to prop the door open in order to let more light into the room.  I kept thinking the lights were going to come back on any second, but after about ten minutes, I realized that we needed to find a way to occupy our time.  So I told students to get into one large circle, and we went into campfire-story-telling-mode.  I said the first word of our creepy tale, the next person said the next word, and so on and so forth, until we had one long, rambling, silly story. 

Next, we played "Telephone."  I started the game by whispering "Raining cats and dogs is my favorite idiom."  After the message passed through 36 sets of ears, it came out as "Pink gay bunnies."  Needless to say, that was a dismal fail, so we switched to "Spelling-Bee Ball" (made-up game)  Toward the end of the game, a campus assistant came in and told me that class was dismissed (they had no bells to notify us due to the power outage).  When the next period resumed, the power was still out.  One student walked into class late.  I stated "You're tardy Elise, but I have no proof, so have a seat."  This had the class giggling.  For this period, I told students that they were to create a two-minute funny/spooky skit, using any props they could find in the classroom.  I gave them fifteen minutes to prepare, and then we just sat back in the dark and enjoyed the "shows."  The skits were hilarious; we had everything from sorority girls being stalked by Sponge Bob to helpless victims getting attacked by a giant rat (played by Ms. Frisbee).  I have to admit, I felt a little pang of disappointment when, towards the end of the skits, the lights finally came back on.  The rest of the day was just "business as usual".

On a completely unrelated note, I'm back to working out again.  I started about two weeks ago and was exercising every other day, but these last few days have been the most streneous.  Although life in general has been good, I've had a little bit of "heavy-hearted syndrome" that I've been trying to get over recently.  Exercising lifts my spirits, if only temporarily. 

It is still pouring outside and the lights keep flickering.  Time to hunt down some candles.


  1. Jodi,

    What do you mean by "heavey-hearted syndrome"? I know from experience that exercise is an excellent stress reliever. When I was deployed I went through some major separation issues, one of which was depression. I was doing two a days and that helped me a great deal. It didn't get rid of all my stress and I realize that deploying changed me (not because of anything I saw). I had to get through being separated from what I knew and love. And exercising really helped me do it along with some great supportive friends. So, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm a pretty good listener... I don't want to post my number, but if you want to talk I'm sure Shannon can give it to you, if you want. Hope you are having a wonderful night in your house with heat as I sleep in the middle of the arizona dessert.

    Love always,


  2. Jewls, thank you so much for such a sweet message! I was realizing last week that I really miss you. Even though you were Shan's best friend, I remember anytime in high school I was feeling even remotely discouraged, you were always the first person to show concern and "lend an ear." I wish you lived closer so I could be that kind of friend for you.

    Regarding my current status, I swear I am FINE and it really is nothing. It's just me being spoiled. I have such a wonderful, full life, yet every now and then I feel like I am missing out on something really special.

    Enjoy that Arizona desert. I bet the stars are amazing. :)

    Love you hon.

  3. We had one of those in the military. Its started out with: At 1900, the Regiment commander will hold a formation outside in order for the troops to view Hailey's Comet as it will not be seen for a long time.

    By the time that reached all the troops it was something like: At 0900 hours, dressed as Hailey's Comet, the Regiment commander will be wearing roller skates for the first time in 76 years.

  4. Hahahaha! Oh if only "Telephone" messages could come true, Perry!

  5. If only. BTW, female Halloween costumes that are not stripper-esk: Sally, or Harley Quinn.

  6. I actually found a costume earlier today that's cute, but not "stripper-esque" like the others. It's supposed to be "Robyn" Hood (female counterpart to Robin Hood), but it looks sort of like a leprechaun to me. Costume party is tomorrow, so I'm sure that I'll end up posting a pic or two...if my camera cooperates (digital camera's been acting up lately).

  7. I remember the night I worked at the bar for the Halloween party. 1/3 of the women there just showed up in matching bar and underwear sets as "Victoria Secrets models" for their costume. The only chick there that had anything clever on was one that wore a large, square, yellow/brownish thing and a beret. She was French toast.

  8. Good for her for being sbove the slutty influence. LOL


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