Thursday, September 23, 2010

Need you Now

"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now...".  I love those lyrics by Lady Antebellum.  That song has recently become somewhat of a lullaby to me every time I'm struggling to go to sleep.  It's obviously the world's worst lullaby though, since here I am, wide awake (that's actually not quite true.  I'm nearly delirious with exhaustion right now).

This might just be my shortest entry ever.  I'm going to attempt to bully my consciousness into shutting up for a little while so I can go to sleep, and try not to sing along to "picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor...."


  1. I love that song, too!! I have the opposite problem these days, when 9:30-10pm rolls around, my eyes are closing by themselves. I feel like an old lady! I hope your sleep issues get better, there are few things worse than not getting enough sleep.

  2. I also am hearing a song before sleeping. Pumpkin will not go to shower time (we go to be right after that) unless I pull up the "Bad Romance" video on youtube. She is trying to learn all the hand movements which means if 'I' don't do them also then she whines that I'm not helping.

  3. Old lady or not Kristyn, I'd take that issue any day of the week! This Night Owl syndrome is driving me nuts. It does sound like you're trying to adjust to a heavier work load yourself though, so hopefully you're doing okay.

    I love Lady Gaga's music Ryan, and Bad Romance has been my recent favorite, but I haven't risked watching any of her music videos yet. I'm just worried that the bizarreness of the videos might turn me off from her music.

    So you're going to show us some of those Gaga moves when you come out on New Year's, right? ;-)

  4. Well, the video for Bad Romance got an award of some kind if i'm not mistaken. The most bizzar of her vids that I've seen has to be Papprazzi, though I do understand how they get from a blank page to what they finished with.

    Me dancing lady gaga, I'm sure the world does have enough booze for that to happen. The running joke here is my 'male stripper' persona. I'll walk into the house or room and say "I'm here to clean your pool."
    -"but i don't have a pool."
    "Exactly." as I start unbuttoning my shirt and beginning the cheesy male stripper dance before we all start laughing at me.

    I'll bring all the cider I can so who knows, just remember to tell everyone to bring a lot of singles =)


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