Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Another Bedtime Conversation

Spinning off my last post, not only is learning healthy ways to "argue" in your marriage important, but good communication is vital to any long-lasting relationship. Clinton and I, for example, make it a point to share with each other every day, and to be attentive, respectful listeners (stated with a perfectly straight face). For example, a few nights ago, I had another dream of a big earthquake (probably prompted by Sho's recent disaster dreams, I'm sure). Last night, as we were climbing into bed, I felt compelled to tell Clint about my dream. Here is a transcript of that conversation:

"I had a weird earthquake dream last night."


"Yeah. In the dream, we lived in L.A., but in a really fancy area, like the Hollywood
Hills, and there was suddenly a big earthquake--except for, in the dream, we weren't really us--."

"Huh? We weren't 'us'?"

"No, we were a different family of different people."

"Did we have the same names?"

"No, I don't think so. Actually, I don't even know if we were the same sex."

"What? That makes no sense. How can you say it was 'us' in the dream if we're completely different people?! That's like me saying I had a dream of Cassidi and Dylan last night, but Cassidi was really me, and you were actually Dylan--."

"No, no, it makes perfect sense, because even though the people in the dream weren't us, they had our consciousnesses, so they really were us."

"Oh, okay honey. Well if I ever call out someone else's name in bed, it's actually your consciousness I'm thinking about. So it's all good."

"You know, I don't think I really want to tell you about my dream anymore."

Oh well. I'll try to supply a better communication example when I actually have one (twelve years and still waiting...). But until then, people, communicate with your spouses.


  1. I just love you two! Such a fun couple. Hey, have you seen Inception yet? Speaking of strange dreams, it's a great movie.

  2. I'm dying to see it! Maybe I can squeeze it in before school starts back up.

  3. Just yesterday I suggested to wife the hire a big movie studio to have filmed acting out the husband v. wife hand-to-hand fighting scene from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

  4. Hilarious Jodi! I already commented on your FB though, so I will keep this comment boring. I can't be original and witty two times in a row. LOL

  5. LOL being able to laugh about that is the sign of a fantastic marriage!


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