Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why Can't I Get Into this Damn Book?

Bookworm Challenge Update: I finished The Last Olympian eons ago but never wrote a review.  So I'm going to make this quick: 

Great conclusion to a light, enjoyable series.  Rick Riordan tidies up all loose ends with a very satisfying resolution, leaving just enough mystery to leave the readers intrigued at the possibilty of a whole new series in the distant future.

I am currently reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and I am struggling with it.  I'm on page 184, and I still have not become absorbed by the book.  I was expecting a captivating love story, but what I'm getting is a long-winded comedy of manners amongst all of these snobby self-absorbed class-consciousness characters.  It's like an 1800's rural England version of Gossip Girl.  Of course I've never watched Gossip Girl before, so I can't really vouch for the validity of that statement.  I'm going to give the book until page 201 to start captivating me (I know, sort of a random number there), or else I'm tossing it in lieu of something much less timeless.  I know, I am the WORST English teacher EVER.  How can I teach seventh graders about literature, and not be able to get through a classic work of art by Jane Austen?  Lord help my poor students.       


  1. Jodi, I think you are expecting P&P to be something it's not. I always loved it for the silliness of it all. The love story was there, but not without a lot of frustration first.

    For some reason, I absolutely LOVE Jane Austin's stories. But, I love history and reading about the traditions and eccentricity of the individuals and time. I also love the humor. Maybe it's just not your thing. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Just put this on Stumbleupon - hope it gets you some positive attention.

  3. Niecy, I think youre right; I might actually enjoy the story more if I get away from the expectation that it's going to be a "Twilight"-type romance. I will admit that I do love the witty dialogue within the novel. I just keep reading and reading, wondering, when is the actual STORY going to start?


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