Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Funk

I didn't do anything productive today.  Well, I take that back; I did four discussion posts for my online class, I wrote two sentences for a paper I have due on Sunday, and I ate three bowls of rocky road ice-cream.  Other than that, I've been a lazy sack.  I told myself I was going to take Moses for a walk today, but I didn't.  I told myself I was going to ride the exercise bike today, but I didn't.  I was supposed to go to kickboxing tonight, but I skipped it in lieu of working on my paper...the same paper that now has two whole sentences to date.  Ughhh.  Bummer of a day. 

Clint strapped 5 lbs ankle weights to my ankles earlier to see if I might want to try them out, and Trinity just came out of her room and asked me what they were.  I explained to her that by carrying around those extra pounds, it was helping to build my leg muscles. 

"Yeah, but don't you have to be walking around for that to work?" She asked.

"Shut it, child" was my eloquent reply.

So here I sit, with my stagnant ankle weights, hoping tomorrow will be more productive.  I get it that part of summer break for teachers should involve some R&R, but all of this relaxation is just depressing.

You know what, this is ridiculous.  Here I am, whining on my blog that I didn't accomplish anything, when this day isn't even over yet.  Screw it, I'm jumping on that exercise bike.  Who cares if it's already least I still have the chance to do having music blasting through my eardrums always lifts up my spirits.

*Update:  I dragged out the exercise bike, got my iPod ready, and wound up sitting on the couch watching TV until bedtime.  Yay for moments of motivation.


  1. Summer funk, dr-iftin' away
    but oh, oh the sum-mer nights.

  2. Tell me more,
    tell me more... ;-)

  3. Summer dreams ripped at the seams... :)


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