Sunday, June 27, 2010


Finally finished with Trin's room and I am bone-weary!  I feel like my entire life for the past two weeks has been comprised of nothing but taping and edging and painting....Unfortunately I still have two more bathrooms to paint, because Trin's bathroom is currently brown, and ours is an awful shade of grimy lavendar.  I think I am going to take a week off from any activities requiring blue tape or paintbrushes, and then maybe (hopefully) sometime next week I'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle those bathrooms.  Of course during my week "off," Clint needs my help shoveling rocks, so I'm not sure exactly how refreshing this so-called break is going to be.

So here it is...our old master bedroom.  The paint color was supposed to be lavendar, but it sort of came out as a pale pink.  Ironically, Trinity hates pink, but I spent a good deal of time brainwashing her that the color IS actually lavendar, so at this point she loves her room.  She picked out the kelly green color on the top, which is actually brighter in person.  I love it.  Part of the fun was I refused to let her see the room the entire time I worked on it, because I wanted to do a surprise "reveal" like you see on HGTV.  So she was locked out of her room all day yesterday.  Today, while she was at a birthday party down the street, Clint and I moved in all of her furniture and hung up all of her pictures.  When she came home, I made her close her eyes while walking in.  The whole thing was so entertaining!


  1. Both rooms look amazing, you did a great job!! So much purple, I don't think mine would ever go for it. Anyway, looks fantastic. :D

  2. Thanks!

    I have the opposite problem: Clint loves color, and he always goes for the extreme. I'm constantly having to do reality checks with him to tone his color choices down. If he had his way, our master bedroom would be painted bright grape purple. I'm lucky I managed to talk him into a more "grown up" version of what he wanted. :D

  3. Other colors, Matt might go for, but purples or pinks wouldn't fly. Reds, maybe, and I love red. So, one day, when we have a house I expect to see a bit of red. Not too much, but a bit because we're both fond.

  4. They do both look great. I like the lavendar and ivory, but also like the lavendar and green. Did I ever tell you about when we moved into our home, I wanted NO white walls? I had always had white walls. We painted every room a different color except the laundry room. It was crazy but my house is colorful - cranberry in the living room, rust and green in the family room and kitchen (southwestern colors), a forest green bedroom for my son (his choice), an ocean blue guest bedroom to give it a beach/water feel, a yellow computer/office room (too, too bright, but we haven't painted over it yet), golden in our bedroom, warm brown in the halls, lime green and turqoise (sp?)in D's bathroom and red in ours, which goes very well with the golden bedroom. Just a crazy time trying to pick out colors that go with our furniture. I went a little overboard, but it all looks nice. I do need to paint over the bright yellow, however. Any ideas on a nice color for an office?

  5. Kristyn, you probably won't be surprised to know that red is my LEAST favorite color. Well that and pink. Seriously, do you and I have ANYTHING in common? ;-) But I do love the way red looks on walls when it's done right. Shannon just painted her bathroom red and it came out gorgeous.

    Niecy, I LOVE color, so I'm pretty sure that I would love your house. Plus the colors that you chose sound really pretty...especially the rust and green. Mine is pretty colorful too: Living room is green, dining room is a golden yellow, master bedroom is now purple/ivory, and of course both of the kids' bedrooms are very colorful. Even my laundry room is this antiquey-looking mustard-orange color. It sounds kind of extreme, but it all works well together in the end.

    I like cheery colors for offices since they are usually small. I would have chosen a golden color for your office, but you already have that in your bedroom. Hmmm...what about a pretty apricot color? Or you can do "whipped plum." I really don't know what color that is, but I remember seeing it at Home Depot and I loved the name. LOL


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