Sunday, June 27, 2010


Finally finished with Trin's room and I am bone-weary!  I feel like my entire life for the past two weeks has been comprised of nothing but taping and edging and painting....Unfortunately I still have two more bathrooms to paint, because Trin's bathroom is currently brown, and ours is an awful shade of grimy lavendar.  I think I am going to take a week off from any activities requiring blue tape or paintbrushes, and then maybe (hopefully) sometime next week I'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle those bathrooms.  Of course during my week "off," Clint needs my help shoveling rocks, so I'm not sure exactly how refreshing this so-called break is going to be.

So here it is...our old master bedroom.  The paint color was supposed to be lavendar, but it sort of came out as a pale pink.  Ironically, Trinity hates pink, but I spent a good deal of time brainwashing her that the color IS actually lavendar, so at this point she loves her room.  She picked out the kelly green color on the top, which is actually brighter in person.  I love it.  Part of the fun was I refused to let her see the room the entire time I worked on it, because I wanted to do a surprise "reveal" like you see on HGTV.  So she was locked out of her room all day yesterday.  Today, while she was at a birthday party down the street, Clint and I moved in all of her furniture and hung up all of her pictures.  When she came home, I made her close her eyes while walking in.  The whole thing was so entertaining!