Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've been useless as far as writing in my blog! I'm not explicitly trying to avoid it, but summer has a natural tendency to take over my social networking. Yesterday I went to Lake Gregory with Shannon and Sarah, and it was so gorgeous up there. We had a great time, and now it's hard to want to sit down indoors and type...anything.

This week I've been busy painting our master bedroom and getting it put together. We decided to trade rooms with Trinity over summer break, which I know sounds a little strange. Our house technically has two master bedrooms, but one of them is significantly smaller than the other. When we first moved in, we decided to take the smaller of the two master bedrooms because it had a huge walk-in closet, plus it was the only room located on the opposite side of the house apart from the other bedrooms, and I thought it would be nice to have that kind of privacy. Well, time has shown that we are way too cramped in that room, so we decided to trade rooms with Trinity. We are losing the walk-in closet, but we are gaining more space, a large garden tub, and more counterspace in the bathroom.

Trading bedrooms has been a HUGE ordeal. It's not just a matter of swapping all of our stuff, but I also have to repaint both rooms, because neither one is the appropriate colors for the new occupants. Luckily I just finished up with our bedroom, and I love how it came out. We decided to go with purple and ivory, and Clint found this great bedspread on the internet. I had to scrounge around the house to come up with accessories to decorate the bedroom because it was so empty, and today we went to Kirklands and picked up the clock that is hanging over the bed, along with the two sconces. The clock was on clearance for $13...I couldn't believe it. It also says Oxford St. on it, which I just about died, because let's just say that street has significant meaning for me.

In addition to repainting the rooms, Clint and I are also landscaping our front yard. We just had a delivery of rocks...mountains upon mountains of rocks, and we're using them to do a desert-type-scape around an island of grass.

I have a four-page paper due tonight (that I haven't even started), so I better quit blabbin' about home improvement and get cracking on some school work.


  1. Your room looks SO pretty! There is no WAY I could post pictures of my updated bedroom after seeing these! (Which is APRICOT by the way, not yellow! Haha) I love the new Kirkland stuff. Can you believe I have never been to that store? Oh, I am still taking a break from my blog. But I will keep reading yours. :)

  2. The room looks great and what a pretty color scheme! I love Kirkland's. I purchase a lot of my TA (students) gifts throughout the year there because they are cute, but inexpensive. I understand the whole Oxford thing - great find! I also understand the whole "trouble with blogging" thing right now. I am in the same boat. Isn't it funny how not working allows us to go live our lives more than just at work? I mean there really is more to life! Later...

  3. Shan, you MUST go to Kirkland's! They have the most beautiful homedecor for Wal-Mart prices. I love that place--I could seriously re-do an entire room using nothing but stuff from Kirkland's.

    Thanks Niecy! That's a good idea shopping for your T.A.'s from Kirkland's...I know my daughter loves that store, and she's only ten yeard old. Hope you're having a great summer so far! I can't believe break is already half over. :-(


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