Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Weekend with Cigars and Gondolas

Friday night me and Clint went to the cigar dinner. I had intended to take several pictures (I especially wanted to get our entire group sitting around the table--there was eight of us total), but once we were there, I completely forgot about my camera. By the end of the evening, I wound up with only about four pictures. This was my first time attending a cigar dinner, and although I wouldn't describe it as "crazy fun," it was really pleasant. The dinner was at a country club, and the atmosphere was very similar to that of a wedding reception. For the first hour, the guys went outside to smoke a cigar, and me and Angie sat at our table and chatted over a glass of wine. We must have talked for about an hour straight, which is pretty rare for us. It was sort of refreshing. Later our group reconvened for dinner (I'm only using the word "convened" because we just had that word during our school's spelling bee yesterday, and it sounds so sophisticated). Dinner consisted of prime rib and chicken marcello. After dinner, there was a raffle for door prizes, and Clint won a large pewter/cedar ash tray. I don't imagine I'll ever display it in my house, but it is very pretty. Later we all went outside and socialized for the rest of the evening. We wound up getting home from the dinner after midnight.

On Saturday evening, we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday by having an Italian-themed birthday dinner. Teri (my mother in law) assigned us all characters, and we were all supposed to role play that character. In theory it was a cute idea, but I don't do a good job playing "pretend" as an adult. It makes me feel silly. Maybe that's the reason I could never be in plays as a child. I must have the crummiest imagination. At any rate, Clint was "Leonardo," a mob boss, Elijah was an explorer named Marco, Trinity was Sofia, an Italian pop-star, I was an actress named Maria, Teri was Rosa, an Italian mama/cook, and Carey was Alfonso, a hairdresser. That second pic I posted is me with "Alfy" (as we called him). He had the most colorful, funny personality all night. Oh yeah, I forgot about Lucas...he was a gondola driver (is that what they're called?). We played two games that night: the first one was a paper gondola race (I got a little competitive with that one), and the second one was this game where you had to try to figure out the meaning of Italian phrases. It was a really fun evening, despite my reluctance to get into my character.


  1. This post just remined me of these parties I heard about. They're called "Secret Dinners" (thier really not as the have a webpage) where they set up dinner parties in 'secret (cool/unusual) locations; rooftops, right on the beach, warehouses, etc..
    I like the idea and I have one in the concept/logistical phase of planning. It was more of the place playing a part/role then the guest.
    Brunch at the wastewater treatment plant anyone? =)

  2. LOL! Hmmm...sounds great, but if I'm offered a glass of water, I may just have to pass. But seriously, those [not so] secret dinners sound fun!

  3. I know, right. The food, furniture, logistics are easy to plan, its finding the perfect location that is the most fun to me. If i find the story i heard about it I'll post the link for all to see.

  4. You look great, Jodi. Glad you had a nice time at the cigar dinner. I'm reminded of something you said about who would be going to the dinner, lol, but I'll not touch it. :P

    As for the role playing thing, it sounds like fun. If you're not into it, you probably wouldn't like role playing games (D&D, and the like) which is one of my favorite pastimes now! I admit, though, at first it did make me feel terribly silly! Not so much anymore.

    Oh, and I love those shoes you're wearing! Very cute!

  5. Haha Kristyn, how nice of you to remember. ;-) The above entry is yet another example of a shallow blog where I can't REALLY say what I want to say.

    I actually don't mind role-playing online, it's the in-person that is hard for me. It relies on good acting and facial expressions, and I am just terrible at all of that. I've always been a really lousy actress. I can't even tell a white lie without it showing on my face. At least online role playing games don't rely on facial expressions and good acting ability. I try to steer away from online role playing games though just because of their addictive quality. I don't want to be taking my last breaths someday and suddenly realize that I spent the most exciting parts of my life in a "fake" world (when in reality I was just pushing keys)--to me, that would be very tragic. For people that can find a balance though, I think role playing games can be a very positive thing.

    Thanks for the compliment on the shoes!

  6. Long memory for gossip! Ha! ;)

    The RPG's we play aren't entirely online. Dungeons & Dragons, for example, is a table-top pen & paper RPG. We roll up characters and role play them. This is different, however, from LARP (live action RP) where people dress up and actually act out their character actions. What we do is completely stationary, it's about saying what your character's doing and following the story. It does rely on good dialog, imagination, and the ability to express your character's emotions. So, it might be more your speed, but it is very, very time consuming!

    On another note, don't feel bad about not being able to say what you want. I have that problem, too. Hence the idea of starting an anon blog. Every day I think it would be better if I had a place to just vent, but I've not done it yet because I'm terrified to get caught. Can you imagine if you said all the things you wanted/needed to say and were found out? Of course, the web is huge and with millions of blogs, it would be almost impossible to be found out, but still. I'll do it when I can overcome the fear, and not until. :P

  7. It reminds me of Harriet the Spy! I could use an anonymous blog too, but I have a feeling you and Shan could use one even more. It would drive me crazy though knowing you had an anonymous blog out there somewhere--I'd probably make it my life's ambition to find it. Yes, I'm that nosy. LOL


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