Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Hubby is Contributing to Global Warming

I'm not sure exactly who my readers are, but if there are any UN-married followers out there, here is a little glimpse of the fairytale-like romance that constitutes married life. Yesterday I posted the following coversation between me and Clint on facebook:
Me: "Will you stop fartin' already?"
Clint: "That's like telling the sun to stop shining."
Me: "Well the sun never shone when we were dating."
Clint: "Oh it did. It just shone outside."
Shannon responded by telling Clint to "Stop contributing to global warming," hence the title of this post. Later that night, I wrote the following journal entry in my real, physical journal (yes, I still keep one of those, but usually just to scribble down some quick thoughts, ideas, or notes):
Hard to get to sleep when your hubby's bowels are speaking so loudly and proudly. What's worse is he's complaining that his "aromatic emissions" aren't getting the proper credit. Cuz ya know, if he were at work, he'd have the van drivers hanging their heads out the window, desperately gulping in fresh oxygen by now. Apparently at his work this is an important status symbol. I'm so sorry honey that your gaseous contributions to our planet aren't getting the proper accolades!
And there you have it. Welcome to marriage.

P.S. Part of marriage is also respect, so Clint read this entry before I posted it, and he just laughed. I love having a hubby with a sense of humor when it comes to my teasing him.


  1. Hilarious! Don't even get me started! I feel as if my kids and I should wear hazmat suits around my husband at times...his are SO toxic!

  2. That's so funny! My own kids kill me with theirs. Whenever Erin sleeps with me, garunteed she will roll over in my direction and wake me from a dead sleep.

  3. Sweet little Erin? But she's like a tiny, precious little princess! I swear it's always the cute ones. LOL


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