Monday, May 3, 2010

"I love you so much honey...hey, will you try this poisoned nacho for me?"

It is way too late for me to be blogging! I can't seem to wind down. Plus I just got out of the shower so my hair is dripping wet, and I can never seem to sleep well with wet hair. My shower, by the way, was really crummy. We were completely out of shampoo (but of course I wasn't aware of that fact until I went to use it), so I ended up having to fill the empty bottle up with water and just dump it on my head. Then I tried to lather my hair as hard as possible to get some suds to form, but all I got was a teeny-tiny bit of foam, so I'm pretty sure my hair is going to be dirty tomorrow. Nothing like going to sleep with wet, dirty hair. At least it's conditioned. =)

Tonight was supposed to be our Small Group, but two of our couples cancelled, so it was just us and Matt and Alana. Since it was only the four of us, we decided to play games instead of doing our normal Bible study. The first game we played was Taboo. The funniest part of Taboo was simply watching the guys interact. They gave each other the worst clues, yet somehow could still pull through with some decent guesses. Like Clint, who had a card that said "meteor," and he starts talking about Chicken Little and the sky falling. What the hell does Chicken Little have to do with a meteor?! And then later, Matt, who was still stuck on Clint's previous Chicken Little rant, went through all of this effort to get Clint to guess "Chicken Little," when his card actually said "Stuart Little." But Clint was so confused that he started guessing raccoons and flying squirrels. I don't know why, but that one still sends me in fits of giggles. Another funny part of the game was when Alana was trying to get me to guess some famous female athlete's name (shoot, I still don't remember her name--Mia something or another?), and she said her last name was the name of pig meat, so I said "sausage." I think it was actually Mia Ham. Hold on, now I have to go Google it....

Okay, I'm back. Yep, her name is actually "Mia Hamm" and she's a famous soccer player. I guess I can see how "Mia Sausage" would make Alana laugh so hard. Anyway, the girls wound up winning Taboo, no thanks to me--I am pretty lousy at giving out the clues. Luckily Alana rocks at that game.

After Taboo, we played "True Colors," which really had me cracking up. One question asked something to the effect of, "If you were an emperor and you had to have one player taste all of your food first to make sure it wasn't poisoned, which player would you choose?" The votes (and there's eight of them total) are supposed to be anonymous, but when all eight cards were flipped, four of them were for me, and four of them were for Clint. Apparently Matt and Alana, neither one of them wanting to "off" their own spouse, split their votes between me and Clint. Clint and I, on the other hand, used both of our votes on each other. When I saw the cards I was cracking up so hard. That completely backfired on me. I immediately screeched at Clint, "How could you off your own wife?!" which of course he exclaimed back, "Wait--you did the same to me!" It was so funny. Now that's love right there--when we agree on everything, including the decision to inflict poisonous food on each other.

Last week was insane, hence my neglected blog. Unfortunately I have one more week of mayhem and then I should return to a somewhat more normal routine. Last week I had to go through a last-minute panic to clear my credential, plus I was on-call to period sub, so I lost nearly all of my preps. Then over the weekend we had the Cigar dinner on Friday night (I'll try to post a pic soon), Elijah's music performance Saturday morning, Carey's Italian birthday party Saturday night, and my dad's birthday celebration on Sunday. I was (and still am) so exhausted after this weekend that I was almost eager to return back to work, although now I'm falling behind on grading, and somehow still need to get progress reports out.

Okay, I'm going to attempt to go to sleep now. Good luck me.


  1. Be careful who you play that True Colors game with. It sounds dangerous!

  2. Every time Julie pulls some stunt like that I end up singing Men at Work's classic "Land Down Under"

  3. True, Niecy! But man is it a hysterically fun game.

    Very appropriate song-choice Ryan! LOL


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