Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fluppy Dog

Summer has been great so far! Granted it has only been going on for two days now. This morning Clint and the kids had their karate promotions ceremony. Clint and Trinity advanced to blue belts, and Elijah is now a green belt. Clint and Trin are now officially enrolled in the advanced karate class, and it's just so cute watching them go through this process together.

When we got home from the karate promotions, Clint surprised me with a gift. When I was a kid, I always wanted a "Fluppy Dog," which was a raggy-looking stuffed dog with fur made of yarn. I remember going to Disneyland, and my Grandma gave both my sister and I some money to spend on souvenirs. We walked into this one shop, and they had a display full of Fluppy Dogs. I was so excited. But it turned out that they were quite pricey, and I couldn't afford to buy one. I put the dog on both my birthday and Christmas lists that year, but never did get one. Probably because it was "yet another stuffed animal" (Shan and I had TONS of stuffed animals when we were kids).

So as you probably guessed, Clint surprised me today with a Fluppy Dog. They don't make them anymore, but he found this one off of e-bay. Even though the dog is circa 1985, it is in pristine condition. He is sky blue and adorable. Wait a sec, I'll post a pic......Okay, I'm back. Isn't he just so cute? I can't believe Clint did this. It must have been two years ago that I had mentioned to him my childhood craving for a Fluppy Dog, and out of no where (and for no special reason) he produces one. He scored MAJOR brownie points today, and he knows it. I'm in trouble. ;-)


  1. Good find Clint! Those kind of gifts are golden.

  2. That is too cute! I feel like the worst child of the 80's right now because I had no idea what that thing was until you spelled it out!

  3. Fluppy pups were competing against Cabbage Patch dolls and such back then, so don't feel too bad Kristyn!

    Yeah Damien, he did good. ;-)


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