Saturday, May 15, 2010


I made a few changes to my blog. =) Because I love my sis so much, I changed my blog over to something easier on the eyes...the white text against the black background was giving her a headache. Normally I would just think she's crazy (quit wearing just one contact, you nutball!), but another girl who used to be in my kids' playgroup reported having the same issue. Unfortunately I'm having a really hard time finding a template that I like, since I naturally gravitate toward darker colors and edgier themes (neither of which bothers my eyes). I went through probably over a hundred different options, and finally settled on this one as a temporary fix. This theme is very similar to my Dribbles template, and I do like the way it's laid out. But over summer I plan to look for one that I feel more in love with.

I also switched to a custom domain, although it will take a couple of days for my blog to transition to the new address. Making the switch was extremely easy, but coming up with a name was nearly impossible. Every single name that I tried was already registered. Everything from "mysquishy" (long story) to "caboodle" was taken. I even tried nonsense words, such as "quiggles" and "boodle," and they were gone. I have determined that the web has scooped up every word in the English language when it comes to .com domains.

Ultimately I called my sister, and she picked out my new custom domain name: "" She chose this one because she said that my personality reminds her of fizzy, bubbly soda. I love it because it's simple, it incorporates my nickname, and it's easy to spell. Thanks Sho for the domain name!


  1. Your new blogger theme is adorable! And you're welcome! One other thing about fizzy, bubbly sodas: If you are careless with them, they explode. Ha ha! By the way, this is SO much easier on the eyes--thanks. :)

  2. "FizzyJo, now with zero death crystals!"

  3. Hehe Perry--love it! I might have to make that my new slogan!

    Glad you're eyeballs are no longer protesting my theme, Shan. ;-)


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