Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to Kickboxing

I started back to kickboxing today! See how flaky I am, even in my decision to quit something? A couple of weeks ago, Sensei Brandon decided to open up some morning kickboxing classes, so I decided that this would be the perfect thing to get me up and going in the mornings during summer break. He also started a beginner's kickboxing class on Friday evenings, which I am really excited for, cuz Lord knows that I could use the extra support. The only problem is at the end of summer, I don't know if I will be able to continue with the classes. I obviously can't continue on with the morning classes once I'm back to work, and the evening ones were keeping me up at night. Brandon understands my dilemma, and this morning we were brainstorming different strategies I can try in order to relax myself to sleep after a workout. I have two months to figure something out, but I have a feeling that once I'm back to work, I'm going to wuss out of kickboxing again.

Despite everything, it was great being back in class! It has been about three months (maybe four?), and I was worried I would no longer be able to get through the workout. It really did prove to be tiring, but thank goodness for muscle memory, because really the whole thing felt pretty natural. The only hiccup I had occurred toward the end of the workout. I was throwing punches at Mama Julia (a brown belt in the class--this woman is my inspiration), when suddenly I felt so lightheaded and my vision began to swim. I tried to pass it off for a few more seconds, but I could feel my whole body wobble. Mama Julia asked "Are you okay? You look really pale." I left the mat, dropping my gloves on the floor, and went into the bathroom. Once I shut the door, I collapsed on the ground. A part of me was thinking how disgusting the floor had to be (we walk around the entire dojo barefoot), but I didn't care. I just pressed my cheek against it's surface and it felt so wonderful and cool. The whole thing was weird because this has never happened to me before. Shortly after, Brandon's wife Shelly gave me a tangerine to eat, and I felt a lot better. I didn't eat breakfast that morning, and Shelly said that my blood sugar level had probably plummeted during the workout. I thought those kinds of considerations were for diabetics, not for generally healthy individuals, but I guess from now on I'll be sure to eat breakfast before working out.

Aside from that, today was pretty normal. Clint slept until 3:00 today, so I took the kids out for lunch and shopping. This evening Trin was spending the night at her friend's house, so Clint and I got to enjoy some quality time with just the little guy (who was such a chatterbox all day). We wound up having a movie night with way too much popcorn and M&Ms.

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  1. Good luck with the kickboxing! Eat breakfast woman!! lol


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