Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ugliest to Prettiest

Tonight we played two games of "Sorry." I guess this is sort of our intermittent game until we start our next eternal game of Monopoly (which Elijah creamed us in, by the way). The game began with Moses flipping our Sorry box off of the table, scattering the pieces across the floor, tripping on the box, getting his foot stuck in the corner of it, and then proceeding to ski on top of the box across the kitchen. Once we got that whole mess squared away, we were trying to decide who gets the privilege of going first. Clinton suggested, "How about we go from ugliest to prettiest?" So then of course we all started chiming in, "I get to go LAST!" and "You're first Daddy!" Awww...I just love heartwarming moments with the family.

Yesterday I was in a gloomy mood, but today I am feeling 100% better. I actually managed to get about six-and-a-half hours of sleep last night, which I know technically isn't enough, but it felt utterly refreshing. This was the first day this week that I felt bright and cheery with my students. And tomorrow is already Friday, so that's a huge sigh of relief! I can't wait to sleep in on Saturday, and I'm also looking forward to Easter Sunday.


  1. I'm really glad you're feeling better, Jodi. Hope you get some more sleep in the near future and y'all have a nice Easter!

  2. Sorry your sorry game didn't turn sounds weird.


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