Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking for Something? Topeka It!

Today I didn't do anything incredibly creative for April Fool's, but Google--or should I say "Topeka"--sure got into it!

Official Google Blog: A different kind of company name

Haha--lovin' it!


  1. "You're going down Homer, I'm gonna fool you."

    -"You talk better then you fool."

    "I'll fool you up real nice."

    -"You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingist day of your life if you had an electricfied fooling machine."

  2. LOL! Too funny Ryan! What movie is that quote from?

  3. If I tell you now you wont respect me =)

  4. Either the Simpsons or porn...? But that would be some strange porn. LOL

  5. Well I dont and have never watched pornographic art so I wouldnt know. But yea, Aprils fools episode of the Simpsons. Homer and bart talking to each other.

    Actually I'll be up in the desert this weekend. I have to bring the ball and chain her school books out to 29 palms.

  6. Oh come ON, Ryan. Every guy has watched porn at least ONCE in his life! Are your really saying that you have never, ever, not once, watched a little tiny smidgen of porn?

    Are you going to stay the night with Jewls while you're up in the desert? Wish I could visit with you guys. Busy holiday weekend. :-( Clint's family is coming over to our house for Easter, so tomorrow we'll be cleaning the house.

  7. No, I wont be spending the night. She is in a training area. Its prep training for deploying to the middle east. I'll drive up there spend a bit of time and then drive back. I dont mind the drive but Pumpkin isnt going enjoy all that time in the car seat.

    as for the porn, you well know I'd never anwser something like that with simple yes's or no's. Given the audience of your blog I'll put it like this:

    Like building a bridge, preforming heart surgury, going on a miliatry operation, or designing a car, being in a relationship requires alot of work. Unlike those other task that require licenses, degrees, codes, skill, and planning, I've yet to come across a college course, state test, military academy, or medical internship that covers amazing sex.
    Now I'm not saying watching porn is the fix for that and I'll not presume to speak for anyone else. Yea, when the wife's deployed for months or weeks at a time then some well planned internet time keeps me from laying in bed awake all night. But all other times its something that combined with other information and tools its the differene between the relationship featured in the movie "American Bueaty" and sex in a 10+ year relationship the still has your heart pounding, that re-energizes you phyically, the calms a stressed mind, and makes you down 1/2 gallon of water or juice from the fridge afterward.

    Okay, I'm going out for a smoke now. =)

  8. WOW. I know it's completely inappropriate (since your basically referencing your love life), but that "still has your heart pounding" line gave me such a thrill. Good for you and Julie to have such an amazing intimate relationship after all these years!

    As far as my blog audience, I wouldn't worry about that too much. I usually only have 30-some readers, and very few of them actually read the comments. :)

  9. I read the writing on the wall. One day the energy youth provides dims as well as the body to do those types of activities; the question is do you want to remember all the things you did or all the things you'd wish you did?
    I wrote about all this in detail at one time but some of those pages met with a most unfortunate and completely unavoidable accident.

  10. Stop it you two! All of "Iridescent Bubble" comments get emailed to me, and you two are clogging up my yahoo inbox! LOL


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