Friday, April 16, 2010

Kicking Grumpiness to the Curb

Okay, I have to admit, despite my "woe is me" post from a few days ago, I have had an amazing week! There wasn't anything really special about it, I just have felt so good (other than a little bit of residual guilt over the previously mentioned issues). I worked out for six days in a row, which is quite a feat for me since I generally come home from work feeling absolutely drained. Even when I was in kickboxing, I never did six consecutive days. But this week, I forced myself to exercise every single day. It's hard to explain, but I could feel these feelings of anxiety trying to creep up on me, and I just decided that this week it wasn't going to happen. Several times I felt the temptation to curl up and take a nap, but instead I jumped on the exercise bike and blasted my iPod. I'm not sure if this is some sort of unhealthy "avoidance" thing, but I don't care, because I feel great.

Yesterday Clint came home and I was in the office ferociously pedaling, and he was laughing because he said I looked so lonely on my little bike in the middle of the tiny room. But my legs are getting stronger again, and I'm up to 65 crunches and between 30-35 push-ups. When I was in kickboxing, I could do 100 crunches and 40 push-ups, so I still have some work to do, but I'm just so happy that I seem to have found a regime that I can stick with. Not to mention that I'm sleeping great. With the exception of last night, I have slept for at least seven blissful hours every night this week.

This morning Naomi, Neicy, and I did our quarterly Aces Breakfast. I had a rough start to my day, which I'll try to explain later on my other poor neglected blog, but after first period it immediately made a turn for the better, and I came home in a great mood. This evening Clint and I took the kids out to dinner, and then we came home and played "Sorry." We had our mp3's playing during our game, so between turns the kids and I kept jumping up and dancing all around the living room. Poor Clint was up for 24 hours yesterday and was running on about four hours of sleep today, and he's stuck putting up with all of us non-serious game players.

After the game, I took a shower, and then worked out. Yeah, I realized after the fact that I did those two activities completely backwards. Very inconvenient. During my shower, I made Clint drag our audio PA system in the bathroom so I could listen to my iPod while in the shower. Yes, I do realize that music has grown into an obsession this week....So during my shower, the music was blasting and I was singing at the top of my lungs and dancing like a mad woman. Which is funny, because I pretty much suck at dancing and I really suck at singing, but it's okay, cuz in my mind I was a total rockstar. ;-) At one point I was even the girl in the Herbal Essences commercial. I'm not proud of this.

Tomorrow Clint and I are going to a karate tournament in Huntington Beach. A few of our kickboxing friends are competing, but the main reason I personally am going is to see Matthew compete. He has been begging me to go to one of his tournaments for months now, and this time he even told Clint, "Tell Mrs. P if she loves me, she'll come see me compete." How do you say no to that? This kid still tugs at my heart like no other student I have ever had, and I'm still in awe that after three years I still can't seem to stop being his teacher.


  1. That is SO sweet of you to see Matthew's tournament. Oh--Jer and I just bought an exercise bike today, so we'll see how it goes!

  2. That's great, Jodi!! You're so much more motivated than I am. Keep it up! If music inspires you to do what you need, or want, to do then keep the tunes flowing! :D


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