Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dreaded Double Digits

Today is Trinity's birthday. She is officially in the dreaded double digits! I can't believe that I have a ten year old. There's no denying it now--I'm old. ;-)

Last night Trinity had a slumber party with six other girls. By 11:00 last night, the screeching and laughing from her room was SO loud that my ears felt like they were in this perpetual state of buzzing. Clint was watching an MMA fight at our brother-in-law's house, so by the time he came home, I was very much craving another grown-up to talk to. Misery loves company. But in all honesty, it wasn't as bad as I'm painting it. The girls who spent the night are the same friends that Trinity has had since first grade, and they are really great kids.

Since we had such awesome decorations left over from our Family Theme Night last October, we went ahead and threw Trin an "Asian"-themed birthday party. It was really cute, and cheap, since we already had all the decorations. We ate Chinese food, and Teri made Trin the birthday cake in the picture. Clint and I put together party favors for the girls, which consisted of Chinese beaded bracelets (from Oriental Trading Company), fortune cookies, and candy, all in Chinese take-out boxes that we got from Panda Express.

By some miracle I actually slept for eight full hours last night, despite the juvenile mayhem taking place. I can't seem to sleep during calm, peaceful nights, but on the night I have seven pre-pubescent girls trapezing through my house, I'm out like a light. Go figure.


  1. The cake is adorable. Just one thing, Mrs. P. - if you are officially old, what does that make me? Get over it. You are at the prime of your life, my friend!

  2. Yeah Jodi, I agree with Niecy. You can't be old because I'm still young, and I am eight minutes older than you...
    I LOVE Teri's cakes! Is there anything she can't do?

  3. Okay okay Neicy--I'll get over it! For now, at least. But when Trin hits her teens you might have to slap some more sense into me.

    @ Shan, aren't you so excited that you'll get to qualify for the senior citizen menu eight minutes before me?


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