Monday, March 15, 2010

Yanked Forward

Don't you love how the word "spring" is such a beautiful, bouncy, positively-charged word, yet springing forward is absolute torture? I don't know what brilliant mind came up with the concept of crudely chopping away an hour of our sleep in the guise of "springing forward," but my body was 100% aware this morning that it was NOT supposed to get up. The alarm may have read "6:00," but that little insomniac within me was railing "6:00 my a$@, it's dark outside!" Really, Americans should call it "yanked" forward, because let's face it--that hour of sleep is yanked away from us, and we're left with nothing but mourning for that little tidbit of slumber that we will never get back.

Much to my physical chagrin, I did eventually drag my weary self out of bed and to work. One nice thing about the first spring-forward work day is that everyone else is tired too, so at least we were able to be crummy educators/students together. At one point I'm pretty sure I told my students that "wake-up murk" (instead of "make-up work") was due this Wednesday. Luckily, their brains, being as scrambled as mine this morning, were too zombified to acknowledge the mistake.


  1. I know what you mean. I was dragging all morning. The kids kept asking me what time it was because the new white-screens the school installed cover the clock.

    About 12p I shook myself out of it. I'm with you on daylight savings time ... it bites!

  2. White screens? I'm not sure what those are, but I have to say I wouldn't mind having my clock covered (as fun as it is to have students hanging on to every movement the second-hand makes as if their lives depend on it, LOL).

  3. I LOVE daylight savings time the first evening. You are right though--that first morning sucks. I actually had to leave for class at 7 am on SUNDAY morning. That really bites because I didn't even have Sunday to try and adjust. I ended up pushing snooze a gazillion times because it was still dark, and I arrived to class a little late (but so did everybody else!)And then after being sleep deprived, we had to try and sit through a six hour lecture. UGH!


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