Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today's Special: Unleavened Bread with a Side of Parsley

We just came home from our Seder Dinner. It was really interesting, although most of the time I was distracted by my nephew Lucas, who was screeching like a chimpanzee, blowing bubbles, devouring the chair, and laughing. He was great comic relief.

So I learned tonight that a Seder Dinner is a Passover celebration. The menu for tonight's dinner included:
  • One sprig of parsley dipped in salt water
  • One quarter-size piece of unleavened bread (aka: a cracker) with straight horse radish
  • One quarter-size piece of unleavened bread (again, a cracker) with some sort of apple/granola type goo
  • One roasted chicken bone (just the bone)
  • One roasted egg
  • Four sips of grape juice
We didn't get to eat the egg or the bone; these were simply there for symbolic purposes. So that basically left us with what amounted to a cracker and a sprig of parsley. The brochure wasn't kidding when it said that "This is NOT a meal."

At the end of the Seder Dinner, we all got up and did this fun dance that involves kicking your legs forward and spinning in circles.

Now that I have finished my incredibly satisfying Passover meal, I think I'm going to go in the kitchen and make myself a hamburger.