Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today's Special: Unleavened Bread with a Side of Parsley

We just came home from our Seder Dinner. It was really interesting, although most of the time I was distracted by my nephew Lucas, who was screeching like a chimpanzee, blowing bubbles, devouring the chair, and laughing. He was great comic relief.

So I learned tonight that a Seder Dinner is a Passover celebration. The menu for tonight's dinner included:
  • One sprig of parsley dipped in salt water
  • One quarter-size piece of unleavened bread (aka: a cracker) with straight horse radish
  • One quarter-size piece of unleavened bread (again, a cracker) with some sort of apple/granola type goo
  • One roasted chicken bone (just the bone)
  • One roasted egg
  • Four sips of grape juice
We didn't get to eat the egg or the bone; these were simply there for symbolic purposes. So that basically left us with what amounted to a cracker and a sprig of parsley. The brochure wasn't kidding when it said that "This is NOT a meal."

At the end of the Seder Dinner, we all got up and did this fun dance that involves kicking your legs forward and spinning in circles.

Now that I have finished my incredibly satisfying Passover meal, I think I'm going to go in the kitchen and make myself a hamburger.


  1. Our passover dinner last year was a lot larger! Of course we did all of the above (with wine in lieu of grape juice), but then we had a "real" meal afterwards! It is a little early for passover though, isn't it? I thought it wasn't until next week...(maybe I should go check--hope we didn't miss it! lol)

  2. Too funny! Talk about a diet! It sounded very spiritual and enlightening, but not real satisfying to the appetite. I hope you enjoyed your hamburger.

  3. The hamburger was DELISH and felt almost as spirtual as the sprig of parsley. LOL

  4. Go to church for passover dinner and get spiritually nourished.

    Come home for a hamburger and get physically nourished.

    Sounds like a very well rounded dinner to me! ;)


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