Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smells Like Bacon

It's Saturday and words can never express how much I love Saturdays!  Since I can't really share any student-antics from today (until those antics find their way to my doorstep, which wouldn't altogether shock me since I live two blocks from the school--seriously, it's a friggen' miracle that my house hasn't been TP'd yet), I'm just going to post a quick quote from yesterday morning stated by Lawrence (one of my honor's students):
"Mrs. P, you know those dog treats that look like bacon and smell like bacon?"
"Uh huh?"
"Well, it turns out that they don't taste like bacon."
Perhaps the bar needs to be set a little higher for our honor's classes?  Of course, let's be honest, who hasn't tried doggy treats at least once in their lifetime?  And those bacon strips...they do look unnervingly realistic.  You could slap one of those babies on a burger and never know the difference. 

Lawrence did actually go into a full-fledged description of the treat, describing how disgusting it was in incredible detail.  Maybe that's the difference between an honor's 7th grader and a non-honor's 7th grader: neither one has the sense to NOT eat the doggy treat, but only one is willing to talk about the experience with the beautiful fervor of a poet.

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  1. I always thought cat food tasted better than dog food. LOL


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