Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let the Sunshine In

I've always loved the color yellow. It's so bright and cheerful, and it makes any color you place next to it look vibrant and beautiful. My second favorite color is orange. Similar to yellow, I just find orange to be a warm, happy color--although it doesn't compliment other colors the way that yellow does. Despite my love for these two colors, I'm slowly discovering that they are pretty unpopular color choices for others. Most of my students wrinkle their noses when I tell them my favorite colors are "orange and yellow." During projects, whenever I offer them choices of colored construction paper, or anything else involving colors, purple is always the first to be whisked up, followed shortly by blue, red, and green.
So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I am down to nothing but orange and yellow markers in my classroom. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm guessing that the kids used the appealing colors so much that those ones have just finally dried up, or gotten lost. Thus I told the kids yesterday that all future projects will now be completed with the colors orange and yellow.

Let the sun shine in. :)

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  1. Ohhh...using the "budget" into manipulating your students into using YOUR favorite colors...I love it!


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