Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blah with a Side of Blah

I have the perfect husband and a fairy tale life, yet here I am, depressed. What is my issue? I'm just sitting here with this gloom hanging over me, and I don't know why. To make matters worse, I'm still not sleeping at night. I know, I know; I've said these words so many times before that they have just about lost all meaning. But this insomnia has drastically impaired my quality of life these last few months, and I just feel this desperation to conquer whatever sleep-deprivation demon is tormenting me. I feel such anxiety every time I try to sleep, which makes no sense because I really have nothing drastic enough in my life right now to be anxious about. I'm just too damn spoiled. I've said this before, but I really need to go to a third world country where I can see first hand real problems, that way I can gain a little perspective and quit stressing out over whatever pitiful issues are keeping me up at night.

This is such a cliche, but I'm just so tired of being tired. I was a ball of energy last year--I miss that.