Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yet Another Story Butchered

We went to the movies today to see The Lightening Thief. I was really disappointed. Any time I watch a movie based from the novel, I am always prepared to deal with the producers' artistic licensing in tweaking the storyline to make it more suitable for the big screen. But this movie was such a loose translation of the book that it might as well have been a completely different story. The producers excluded major characters, deleted important scenes, and dumbed down the storyline to the point where it was nothing more than a generic remnant of the original. They also made Percy too powerful, which took away a lot of his appeal as a "normal" kid that just happened to have a god for a father. On the plus side, Annabeth's character in the movie has a lot more personality than the book-version-Annabeth, plus Grover offers a lot of comic-relief throughout the movie. I think the movie might be entertaining for those who have never read the book, but it pretty much just ticked me off the whole time.

The rest of today has been pretty uneventful. After the movie we went to lunch, then to Newbie's for frozen yogurt as a reward to Trin for getting good grades. Once at home, Clint began working on the kitchen countertops, and I did his homework. We have a nice bribery system going on; he'll continue to work on projects as long as I chip in with his homework. So today I created a concept map of "curriculum," and then a pictograph collage of "effective teaching practices." Meanwhile, he busted up some tile. I think I got the short end of that stick.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, but neither Clint nor I are romantic-types, so the holiday has always been a bit lost on us. Plus Valentine's Day falls a week after Clint's birthday, so I'm generally burnt out with shopping by the time this nuisance of a holiday arrives. Nonetheless, I decided to pick up some chocolate-covered peanuts for Clint, and a card, just in case he happened to get me a gift. I didn't want to feel guilty if I woke up tomorrow morning and he presented me with a gift, but I was empty-handed (I know, such a noble reason to get someone a gift). And if he didn't get me a gift, I was okay with that...we could just share the peanuts. Well, Clint found out that I got him a gift, so then he had to run out to get me a gift about an hour ago, which is just ironic because if I had just left everything alone, we both would have never bought each other anything and would have been perfectly content.

Stupid little holiday. *sigh*


  1. I know what you mean about movies butchering the book. I have had Wuthering Heights on my tivo box for aover week. Its bugging Damien that I wont just watch it, but I want to finish the book first in case the movie spoils it.

  2. Aw, I hate it when a movie based on a book just plain sucks. It's such a disappointing experience.

    You really don't like Valentine's Day? I've found, mostly through Facebook, that a lot of people either feel dejected by it, or just plain hate it. I, on the other hand, feel just the opposite. I've never had a bad Valentine's Day, and Valentine's Day is my anniversary. lol.

    It's cute that he ran out to get you a gift like that. He can be a sweet guy, it seems. :)


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