Sunday, February 14, 2010

So Now I'm a Hyena

Yesterday I took a quick nap and had a dream that Clint and I had entered into a karate/kickboxing-type tournament somewhere far away. Before the competition began, there was this ancient guru woman who was supposed to read all of the competitors' "animal spirits" (like in Clan of the Cavebears). She began with the first competitor; a big, strong opponent. She declared to the audience that his animal spirit was a tiger. This was good news for him, because tigers were fierce competitors. But she warned him that he would have to be careful, because tigers could be impulsive and make quick, foolhardy decisions. Next, she read Clinton, and announced he was a horse. This was also good news, because even though horses were somewhat slower, they were very disciplined, steady, and obedient.

Next was my turn. She read me, but then I had to go to the bathroom, so I dashed off before she could tell me what animal spirit I was (stupid wimpy bladder). As I ran off though, I heard the crowd groan, and I heard the woman lamenting about what a shame this spirit was. Once in the restroom, all the stalls were occupied, save for one, which had a big rustic copper toilet with a sign that said "out of order." I remember feeling panicky because I was running late for the tournament, plus I knew that the old woman was probably upset that I had run out in the middle of her reading.

I finally gave up on the restroom, but ultimately refused to go back to the competition because of my embarrassment over being late. Instead, I returned to a restaurant-like booth where two men were sitting, watching the tournament from a small television set. I asked them what animal spirit had been assigned to the third competitor. They told me that the third competitor had run off in shame, because that person had discovered that they were a hyena. According to the men, this was the most disgraceful of all the spirits. I wasn't too thrilled about it, because I kept picturing those mangy, slobbery hyenas in The Lion King.

Okay, so I obviously have some unresolved security issues with kickboxing, but seriously...what the hell? Animal spirits? Where did that come from? What am I, a Shaman? And rustic copper toilets?

For the record, I did look up hyena animal spirits, and they're not all that bad. Here is the description:

People with a Hyena totem have the ability to discern, to be clearer on what to do, whom to trust, what to believe, etc. They trust “what smells right” and what doesn’t. Communication is very important to Hyena people but they need to be careful with their words. (
See? I don't know what that dream audience was groaning about. What a bunch of drama-queens.

By the way, when I woke up from my nap, I still had to go to the bathroom.


  1. Okay, first, that Hyena picture is so cute!! I just want to hug him!!

    Hyena are interesting and unique. They're scavengers during the day, and hunters by night, so they're surprisingly versatile. There're a lot worse animals to be, I suppose that's what I'm getting at. I'd probably have dreamt that my animal was a pig or something. lol

    I just love to hear about other people's dreams, even though I'm in no position to offer anything constructive about them!

  2. It took a little while to actually find a CUTE hyena. :) Thanks for the reassurance about my sloppy, scavenger totem, LOL. Lucky for me I don't buy into any of that "animal spirit" mumbo jumbo, but I actually do believe that dreams (at least some of them) have a purpose, often times acting as the subconscious's venue for bringing issues to the surface. I don't think this one meant anything deep though, other than the fact that I feel like a loser when it comes to kickboxing. By the way, I LOVE pigs. They are my second-favorite animal (my first is the gray wolf). So if you ever decide to dream that a pig is your animal spirit, I'll be here to reassure you and tell you how awesome pigs are. ;-)

  3. This post is so cute. You are obviously feeling a bit inadequate by this whole kickboxing thing! Was the bed shaking when you woke up? And did you feel hyena paw prints on your back? LOL!!!

  4. Okay, I think it's clear that I have issues! I'm determined now that my next post is going to be something highlighting how NORMAL I am.

  5. Your dream reminded me of Brother Bear, oh and at least you didn't get into the bathroom in your dream or your wake up may have gone differently, lol.

    Hey...I tagged you in a post at my site. No pressure to participate. I know some people cant stand this kind of thing...I am a silly quiz junky.

  6. When Jodi first told me of the dream the first thing that I thought of was the Hyenas laugh. No matter were I used to go when we were younger I could always find Jodi by her laugh. Not that she sounds like a Hyena, but she and Shannon have always had a distinctive laugh. I think Jodi is progressing just fine in Kickboxing even though I know she pictures herself like a turtle that ha flipped onto its back and can't get upright again. I mean everybody learns at a different pace and besides she looks good running around in her tight sweats during class. :-)

  7. Awwww...thanks babe! But you do know that you don't have to talk about me in the third person, right? ;-)

    Sarah, I agree, in retrospect I am really thankful that all of the stalls were occupied! LOL. I've never seen Brother Bear, so I'll just have to take your word on that one. Regarding your tag, I'm on my way to bed now, but I'll definitely check it out tomorrow. Blog quizzes are fun. =)


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