Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Love Pavilion

For Valentine's Day Clint gave me the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates and mini-roses. Of course, as mentioned last entry, those were last minute "Oh crap" gifts due to the fact that he found out I got him something. But I don't mind. :)

The best part of our day was about two hours ago. Clint cooked us a really nice dinner, and we had the kids serve us, as if we were in a restaurant. The dinner was delicious: shrimp scampi, rosebud potatoes, veggies, blackberry merlot, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. And the kids were so darn cute. They took their role very seriously, even giving our so-called restaurant a name: "The Love Pavilion." I was cracking up when Elijah came up to our table wearing a little clip-on tie, ready to take our order with a giant green crayon. When he left the table, he and Trinity bowed, like waiters might in a formal restaurant. Then Elijah complained, "Trinity, you're a girl. You're not supposed to bow, you're supposed to tootsie." We laughed so hard.

Now Clint and I are playing Quiddler, but his turns are taking so darn long that I am typing this entry while waiting for him to lay down a card. Yaawwwwnnnnn.