Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girly Complaints

Yesterday was rough. I woke up with pink-eye again. I wish I could figure out why I have such wussy eyeballs. Just opening the curtains yesterday was enough to get me to shield my eyes and yelp like a wounded vampire. On top of that, Aunt Tidal Wave (Aunt Flow's evil twin) decided to pay me a visit, and along with her came cramps so excruciating that I was forced into a self-induced coma (in other words, I made myself take an un-needed nap just to escape).

In addition, the muscles in my side and stomach area were in agony yesterday from Thursday's kickboxing workout. The dojo was closed for a couple weeks during the holidays, and Thursday was my first day back. Sensei Brandon had us do these circular-crunch-thingies, along with these leg-swinging-thingies, and both really tore up my stomach and side muscles after they had been on break for so long. For some reason, I felt only mildly sore on Friday, but by Saturday I felt like I had just been in labor for 17 hours...and yes, I do have a basis for comparison.

Today I woke up feeling 100% better and am no longer shuffling around the house like an old lady. =)

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