Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What the Beep?

Tomorrow were taking Elijah to Disneyland for his birthday. I am so excited! Not to go to Disneyland, per say, because I've already been there a gazillion times. I'm just so excited to take Elijah. He has only gone once before, but he was a baby, so he doesn't remember anything about it. Tomorrow he turns six years old, so he is finally at a perfect age to really enjoy amusement parks (especially the "happiest place on earth!"). I can't wait to see his reaction to the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, Finding Nemo, etc. Clint's family is going with us as well, which makes things even better for us, because it means we can pass the kids over to 'Nanny and Papa' for a little while and hit some of the big rides (Clint has already said that he's not leaving Disneyland until he's ridden Space Mountain). Plus the whole day will feel more special for Elijah, having everyone there.

Yesterday at work, the fire alarm went off (unscheduled again), so I began the process of evacuating my students from the classroom. I was just lining them up outside when it was announced over the intercom that it was a false alarm and students could return to class. So we all filed back inside, having lost only a couple minutes of instructional big deal, right? Except for the school could not get the alarm to turn off! So it went on, and on, and ON. It was ear piercing and LOUD. Luckily it only beeped two times about every ten seconds, so I just squeezed in my lesson into those little pockets of available time: "Erika, on question three, what--" BEEP BEEP-- "word is an adjective?" And then Erika would respond with, "I know that--" BEEP BEEP-- "'harsh' is an adjective, but I'm not sure--" BEEP BEEP-- "about the word 'some.'" On it went, until I finally complained to the class that they must be using some pretty foul language, because half of their speech was getting beeped out. Of course the class thought this was hysterical, and now the beeps took on a whole new meaning, so no one could even get through another question while keeping a straight face. The whole situation was so funny, even though it resulted in 4th period falling behind.