Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Mommy, Anything but the Bed!

My kids refuse to sleep in a bed.  For some reason, a soft mattress can't seem to compete with the appeal of the not-so-soft floor.  They've been like this for years.  Every night I try putting them to sleep in an actual bed, but within minutes, they wiggle their way to the floor.  I find it ironic that one basic requirement of CPS is to provide a mattress for your children to sleep on (or else you're considered to be negligent in meeting your children's basic needs), yet our kids refuse to use the lovely beds we provide for them.  I mean, Elijah's bed even has a friggen' slide--come on!  CPS would have a field day with us, coming into our house in the middle of the night to find our children asleep in the hallway, or in a closet, or in a laundry basket, or on a computer chair, or on a table (as I once found Trin a few months ago).  Clint has pointed out more than once how well our kids would do sleeping in a third world country where mattresses are considered a luxury. 

So on Sunday night, I put the kids to bed (or more accurately, "to floor") and they wouldn't stop talking to each other, even though they were in seperate rooms.  I really needed them to go to sleep because Monday was their first day back to school, and I had already tried several threatening tactics to get them to stop yacking.  Finally, I pulled out the big guns and told them firmly, "The next time I hear a peep out of either one of you, I'm going to make you two sleep in your beds!"  They were dead-quiet for the rest of the night.  This strategy worked out last night as well.  Now why didn't the parenting handbook ever tell us that you can make your kids bend to your will simply by threatening them with their own beds?