Sunday, January 17, 2010

Five-Day Weekend

I have really enjoyed my extended weekend so far! Clint was off this weekend, which generally never happens. He has been stuck on a graveyard schedule with Tuesdays and Wednesdays as his days off for over a year now, so it is a rare treat to actually have an entire weekend with him. We have spent the entire weekend shopping, going out to eat, having movie nights, and playing Super Mario Bro's. Last night we had a movie night with the kids, complete with "real" popcorn (made from the popcorn machine) and Lemonheads. We watched the movie "Up," which was very original and cute (though some portions of the movie were a tiny bit sad). Later last night we attempted to tackle the rest of world 7 of Mario, but got so hysterically silly with each other that I was actually crying. We had to pause the game several times just to get control over ourselves.

This morning we went to church. I've been bad about going to church lately because Clint sleeps during the day on Sundays, and I tend to drag when it's just me getting the kids ready by myself. Also, we recently changed to a new church, and I don't quite feel comfortable enough yet to go by myself with any regularity. It was ironic though, because I had told Clint several times that the reason I wasn't going to church was because I just didn't feel very welcomed there. So of course, when we show up today, everyone and their mother welcomes us and acts all warm and friendly. Clint kept looking at me, like, "Oh really? Not welcoming, huh?!" It was pretty amusing.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so I have one more day off. Clint decided to call in sick tonight so we can stretch our time off together for a little longer. Yay for shirking adult responsibilities.


Lost Post from March Something, 2010 (Long Story)

I'm so out of breath! The song "Shake It" by Metro Station just came on, which every time that happens, my hips and butt start swaying and jiggling in a way that's quite beyond my control. So as soon as the song came on, I hollered, "Trinity! Come out and dance with me!" She came running down the hall, hollering back, "Okay Mom! Here I come!" Then we proceeded to dance like wild crazy people. If I'm this out of breath after just one song, that tells me that I'm losing the edge that I had when I was in kickboxing. I still get a little pang in my stomach when I think about kickboxing. Sometimes I wonder if quitting was a mistake. But then all I have to do is remind myself how horrible I was at it, and I feel somewhat better about the decision.

Last night I squeezed in one more visit with Kristyn before she headed back to Texas with her aunt. Kristyn and Shannon came over to my house for couple of hours, and then we went to Carrows for dinner. Just like our previous visit earlier this week, I loved getting to see her again! We had great conversations, although my voice was really crummy, so I let Shan and Kristyn do the majority of the talking. Nothing quite like being "forced" to be a good listener. =) After reuniting with my "long lost friend," I can honestly say that I am going to miss her for the next couple of years. She does plan on moving back to the High Desert when she finishes the master's program, so at least that is something to look forward to.

Today Clint and I updated our disaster survival kit. Like many other Californians, we decided to "take the hint" and get ourselves prepared for a potential earthquake. Plus, being someone who believes in God, after the little 4.4 earthquake in L.A., I got to pondering, if God wanted to warn people that there was an impending large earthquake hovering in our near-future, how might he send that message? I actually asked three different people this question, and they all replied with the same answer, "He'd send little earthquakes." Of course, I'd hardly call the quakes in Haiti and Chile "little," but you get the point. Even from a non-religious standpoint though, it's just common sense for Californians to prepare themselves for what many would consider the inevitable. So in addition to what we previously already had in our kit, we bought two 30 gallon jugs and filled them with water. We rotated the food in our two metal boxes and added a few more supplies. Clint also added two rifles, three handguns, and approximately 2000 rounds of ammo into our earthquake know, just your everyday, practical stuff (yes, I do realize my husband is nuts).

Today was my first official day of spring break, and I'm loving it so far! Today Clint and I lounged around the house until almost 1:00, watching Ghostbusters 1 and Ghostbusters 2. Later we went to La Casita for lunch, came home, worked on our survival kit, cleaned out the pantry, and now we're getting ready to watch New Moon. Trin and I have already seen the movie, but Clint hasn't, and he wants to watch it before Eclipse comes out. So we rented the movie from Red Box for a dollar, and now we're going to have a movie night. I'm already getting excited to gorge myself with popcorn and hot tamales.


  1. Sounds really nice! I've had so much time off, I'm ready to have something to do again. We've been out of school since the middle of the second week of December. Purpose, I need purpose, and I need to be able to go somewhere and do something other than hang out with my husband. Goodness knows I love the man, but 24/7 with anyone is enough to make a girl crazy! lol

  2. True, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I once had an entire summer off with Clint, and I remember going stir-crazy after awhile (especially since we had NO money to do anything, so we were pretty much stuck at home). Now, I very rarely get a full day off with Clint, so when it does happen, we always pack it in with fun stuff.

    Hang in there, as soon as you start the Master's program, you'll have your purpose back. =)


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