Saturday, January 23, 2010

Concrete Chunks & Plaster Dust

This weekend we decided to start re-tiling our kitchen counters and installing a back-splash. The funny thing is neither Clint or I have any idea what we're doing. We both have no prior experience with this sort of renovation. In spite of this fact, this morning we decided to just "go for it" and we began demolition of our current tile (after all, it takes very little expertise to understand the fundamentals of smashing stuff). I'm really happy with our progress so far; everything looks really good and smashed with plaster and drywall everywhere, like the way it should look after Day 1. But now we're not sure what to do tomorrow. We'll probably just hop online and hopefully find some kind of "Tiling for Dummies" site.

Overall, I'm feeling very positive about the whole project. We went to Lowes yesterday to get all of our supplies, and had a very competent worker help us gather everything we need. She must have spent over a half hour with us. Plus I love the demolition phase, because it cements the project in stone. Translation: There's no going back now!

Tomorrow it's our turn to host dinner. I'm sure Clint's family is going to love eating amidst concrete chunks and plaster dust.


  1. Good luck with your project!! Ohh, and take pictures!! :D

  2. Thanks! I'll try to get some pics soon.


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