Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions for 2010

It's amazing that when I'm working five days a week, busy and perpetually overwhelmed, I can somehow manage to regurgitate a blog entry just about about every-other-day. But when I have two weeks off for Christmas, I can't seem to accomplish one entry.

I'll write an entry tomorrow about Christmas (or maybe I'll just copy and paste from Shan' one will notice, right?), but I have only a few minutes before Clint and I leave for dinner, so I wanted to write down my New Year's resolutions. That way next year I can look them over and laugh at myself for being so foolish to actually think I could accomplish them. =)

Okay, so I have two:

1. To stop cussing. Believe it or not, I cuss like a sailor in the privacy of my own home. In front of the kids and everything. I would like to be a good example for my kids and teach them that there are ways to colorfully express yourself without having to resort to bad language. The kids are starting a "quarter jar" on January 1st, in which I have to deposit a quarter every time I cuss. We already discussed what words I am no longer allowed to say. Luckily I still get to keep "crap," "piss," and "bastard," but I did lose "damn." I fought to keep that one because I don't view it as being a very strong curse word, but ultimately the kids won out, so if I'm going to keep saying "damn it," then I'm going to go broke. And of course, the big ones are gone: the "a" word, the "b word," the "s" word, and the "f" word. Should be fine, as long as I don't stub a toe anytime soon.

2. To write more. And this includes taking the actions to try to get something else published. I just sat back and stopped trying after getting the True Story article published, and I'm not sure why. I think in my mind, it was like I had hit some important milestone, so I just sort of expected that I no longer had to work at it. At this point, I would rather get rejection slip after rejection slip then sit back idly, doing nothing. I have so much respect for people who are working to achieve a dream, even if they never see that dream come true. Just their striving to reach it becomes a permanent part of who they are. I want to be a person reaching for something, even if I never attain it.