Sunday, November 1, 2009

Try a Little Peacocking

I swear men are clueless. We went to our Family Theme Night tonight (which I will write a whole post about later), and Clint barely exchanged two meaningful words with me the whole time we're there. I mean, he wasn't ignoring me or anything like that, it's just that we were both busy having a fun night with his family. Seriously, if a video camera had recorded our entire evening, you would have thought we were brother and sister rather than a married couple...we were that platonic. But then, the second we get home, I start pulling out my pajamas, and he says quite suggestively, "You can leave that on if you want," raising his eyebrows toward the little Asian dress I am wearing. AS IF!!! You treat me like a second-cousin-twice-removed all night long, barely glancing my way and not so much as giving me one little flirtatious comment (yes, my need for affirmation strikes again--I don't give a flying f!), then expect, let's keep this PG rated, but you get my point. Oh silly silly men! So I patiently explained to him that the next time he wants to have a "happy night" with me, he needs to start actually courting me hours ahead of time. I told him to envision a peacock (the second syllable of that particular animal makes for a nifty mnemonic device). The male peacock doesn't just dive right in there when he's trying to get a few minutes of peacocky bliss, rather, he goes through a whole courtship routine of ridiculous (yet effective) displays in order to win the female over. And frankly, that's the way it should be! Pull out a chair for me. Hold my hand. Tell me I look pretty tonight. You want some lovin', then dude you better work a little for it.

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