Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon

Busy day today!  This morning I went went with Teri to see "New Moon."  I had high expectations for the movie because thus far I have heard good things about it, but ultimately, it wound up being "okay."  Like the first movie, it wasn't nearly as good as the book, although I will admit that this one followed the story line of the novel more closely than Twilight did.  I'm just getting a little tired of Edward's (movie) character.  In the book Edward is portrayed  as dark, cultured, intimidating, chivalrous, and mysterious.  In the movie, he seems more preppy and "teenagerish," and his voice isn't nearly deep enough (don"t ask me why that's an issue, but Edward should have a deep, sexy voice).  He's also too pale and skinny.  Okay, I know the pale-thing sort of goes with the whole vampire territory, but still....Also, in the movie, Edward spends way too much time being all weepy over Bella.  In fact, the two just get annoying to watch after awhile.  I feel like, "Yeah, we get it, you two are madly in love, but can we move on to something else other than your earth-shattering feelings for each other for just two minutes?"  Jacob's character, on the other hand, is sexy and intriguing.  On screen, he and Bella are so much more dynamic with each other and interesting to watch. 

Trinity came with us to watch the movie.  She asked me a few days ago if she could come with us, and I said no, because she had neither seen the first movie or read any of the books.  So she borrowed Twilight from her aunt, and finished reading it in two days.  I couldn't believe it...the novel is huge, especially when you consider the fact that she's but nine years old.  She loves the books so far though, and I don't mind.  I'm usually pretty picky about what she watches or reads, but the series is harmless and actually rather pure in its innocence, considering that the main characters are vampires.  Although I'm going to have some major explaining to do once she gets to "Breaking Dawn."

After the movies Clint and I reunited and got some shopping and errands done.  Then we went to Red Lobster for Sarah's birthday dinner.  Shannon and Jeremy came too, and it was a very pleasant evening.  The conversation was lively and the kids all behaved so good...Sarah bought her kids crab legs, and I think distracting them with a shell to peel off for an hour was a brilliant strategy!

Now we're getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Clint is making Frog-Eyed Salad and I'm checking the weather so I can lay out the kids' clothes for tomorrow.  Well, that's what I said I was doing...I better go do that now before Clint notices that I took a scenic detour to my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


  1. I haven't seen "New Moon" yet, but I also haven't read any of the books. I liked the "Twilight" movie, though, so I'm sure I'll like "New Moon." Now, I'm avoiding the books because I'm worried I'll be disappointed after seeing the movie, isn't that silly?!

    Have a nice thanksgiving!

  2. Oh Kristyn, you have to read the books! I realize that they have become such a "trendy" thing now that many people roll their eyes at the mere mention of the Twilight series, but putting all that aside, the series is an enjoyable read. Shannon said that the first book was a little too "Harlequinn Romance" for her, which may be a bit true, and the first half of the second book ("New Moon") was a bit slow and dragging. But books three and four are incredibly good (when you consider that they are geared toward teens), and have very strong plot lines that don't rely so much on the romance between Bella and Edward.

    So quick, read the series before the next two movies come out! I'm sure you can find some used ones on Amazon for real cheap. Order them now! LOL--Okay, I'm being a little pushy. You can wait until tomorrow to get them, if you really must. ;-)


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