Monday, November 2, 2009

*Hands Up*--I Surrender!

Okay, Nanowrimo isn't going to happen. In the last two days I haven't been able to get in more than my initial (and quite pitiful) three-hundred-and-some words, and with each missed day the word count is mounting. It sucks because if this challenge was issued over summer, I'd have no problem at all (so I say now, but I'm sure it would still be an intimidating task! Let me rephrase by saying if the challenge were issued over summer, I at least would stand a chance). But I literally have no free time. Especially this month. Remember that resume I worked on way back when? Well I just found out that I got the position I was applying for as an Intern Support Provider (yay!). I'm excited, but this new responsibility will further gobble up my time. In addition, I have several extracurricular activities scheduled for this month. This Wednesday is "Language Arts Night," and this is my fourth year now as one of the presenters, so right now I'm in the process of preparing a PowerPoint presentation that guides parents and students into creating Grammar Flip Books (I just made the concept up last week, so crossing my fingers that it will all come together!).

I know it seems like I'm writing down all of these excuses as an attempt to hide my lame, loser-esque attitude, and...well, that's actually true. =) I did actually contemplate uploading a "phony" word count just to save face (not all the way to 50,000, but to like 27,000 or so), but obviously I could never do that. If I'm going to be a quitter, I might as well own up to it. So here it's official...I SUCK. Now I'm going to go to kickboxing and beat up a bag.

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