Friday, November 6, 2009

Asian/Anime Night

It feels like it has been forever since I posted...this week was brutal. I am so grateful that today is Friday so that I can finally get some rest. I'll probably write a nice long post later, but for now I'm just going to write about Halloween since I just splattered Halloween pics all over this blog entry.

Every Halloween we do a "Family Theme Night," in which we choose a theme and then have a fun evening of food, games, and sillyness related to our chosen theme. Past themes have included Space Night, Wild Wild West, Pirate Night, Under the Sea, Hollywood Glam, etc. This year's theme was Asian/Anime Night. The boys chose this theme a year ago, and although we did our normal democratic voting process (in which the girls normally win), the men strategically divided the women and conquered. I was quite bummed last year when this theme won, because I don't know anything about anime. But I now have to admit that this was one of my favorite ones so far. The costumes were great--Trinity was a pokemon trainer, Elijah was Bakugan Dan (whoever that is), Mike was a samurai knight, Amanda was a chinese take-out box, Carey was a sumo wrestler, and Teri was a "maid in China." Clint and I were anime characters: Clint was "Bleach," and I just modeled my costume after a character I found online (her name is Kuragami or something like that...unfortunately her character could be an Asian prostitute for all I know). Clint created all of the games, and they were so much fun! We played Ninja Knife Throwing (with real knives!), Ninja Capture the Flag (in the dark, using glow sticks), Ninja Walk (where you had to walk across bubble wrap without popping any bubbles), and Ninja Bubble Punch (where you had to punch as many bubbles as possible before one hit the ground) (and yes, I realize I'm over-using parenthesis, but you can skip these parts, you know). Winners of the games were given Asian-looking currency to purchase items from the prize redemption booth, and of course all prizes were Asian or anime related. By far the most entertaining game was definitely Ninja Capture the Flag. Running around in the dark, tripping over gopher holes and jumping over little kids' bikes while trying not to fall flat on our felt like being a kid again. Our team won, although Clint pretty much won the game for us. Me and Moo wound up getting "frozen," forcing Clint to leave his post as goalie and conquer the competition. While running around, my fish net stockings fell all the way down to my ankles. I also had to ditch the blue wig earlier on in the evening and switch my boots for tennis shoes, so by the time we finished the game, I was pretty much falling apart with barely any vestige remaining of my prior costume. But it was worth it.

The victorious winners!

Trinity & Elijah

Clint & I before our
costumes fell apart

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