Thursday, November 19, 2009

All this Work for a Fancy Puddle

This is our pond so far! It's about half-way completed. We have most of the plants in, and although they look small right now, the hibiscus plants against the wall will get up to six feet tall and three feet wide, and the flax plants will get about three feet tall. This is assuming that we don't kill them all off first, which is a definite possibility. The pond needs a liner, which was just delivered two days ago. Clint is going to install the liner on his next day off. The liner also came with a pipe/pump thing that you put in the center of the pond and it bubbles or sprays water up, depending on which setting you choose. We still need to install the flagstone around the pond, which you can sort of see stacked on the sidewalk in the background. Clint also bought a bamboo "deer chaser" (yeah, I don't really get the name either, but it's a type of fountain), and some lilies to float on top of the pond. I'm excited about the progress we're this rate, it should be finished in about a week. I only wish I had "before" pictures of this was this crappy little corner full of rocks and weeds.
I feel like I was blind-sighted by awards assemblies today. We went to what was supposed to be Elijah's very first awards assembly at 5:30 this evening, but once there, the principal informed us that Trinity would be getting her award at the "fourth grade" award assembly at 7:00. We didn't even know she was supposed to receive an award tonight, so we were pretty much thinking, "Um...come again?" Rather than hang around for an hour after Elijah's assembly, we took the kids to McDonalds and treated them (and ourselves) to cheap hot fudge sundaes.
Elijah received an honor roll award, which I thought was amusing, because seriously, what the heck is honor roll in kindergarten? Straight "A's" in shoe-tying, scissor handling, and distinguishing left from right? Almost all the kids in his class received an award, so it's just another example of our society awarding mediocrity and fluffing up kids' egos before they have even had a chance to earn self-esteem the old-fashioned know, by actually accomplishing something. But Elijah has worked hard in kindergarten and is doing great in reading and math, so I was proud of him tonight.
Trinity's unexpected award was for getting straight A's. In fourth grade, it's more difficult to get on the honor roll, so I was actually proud of her, too. It would be nice though to be given a little heads-up when she is going to receive an award. Although who really knows...she probably had a letter in her backpack that she "forgot" to give us. She is very scatterbrained.