Friday, November 20, 2009

Ahhh...Finally a Moment to Breathe

I am officially on Thanksgiving break! I feel nearly ecstatic...a whole week off to refresh and renew. Although in reality I don't know how much "refreshing" and "renewing" I'll actually get accomplished, given all the projects we've got going on and the holidays approaching. I figured it out last night, and Clint and I have seventeen family members to shop for...seventeen! This doesn't count each other, either. How did Christmas get so out of control? Every year Clinton argues for some kind of "drawing of names" system for Christmas, but my mom never finds this option very attractive because she loves the mass heap of gifts on Christmas morning.

Speaking of Christmas morning, Christmas is at my house this year. I know that doesn't sound like anything special, but in the eleven years that I have been married, Christmas has always been at my parent's home in Silverlakes. They live in the same house that my grandparents built over twenty years ago, so I think there is just a sense of warmth and familiarity to gathering at their home as opposed to mine or Shannon's. Plus, it is larger than my or my sister's house, so it has always been more practical to do Christmas over there. But this year, my mom said that she was done hosting Christmas every year, and declared that this time it is my turn. I don't know why the sudden change, but that's that. I wanted to have it at Shannon's house because I love her cozy mountain home, but I was out-voted because everyone is worried that it will snow in Crestline and the drive will be too difficult, especially for my grandparents who drive up in their R.V.

So it's going to be at my house, and I have no idea how to put on Christmas. The whole prospect is very intimidating to me, but I'm also excited. My main concern is the size of my house...we only have one small living room, and I don't see how everyone is going to fit. But, on the plus-side, I have a dining-room table that seats eight, so that covers the adults. I'm going to have the kids eat in the laundry room. I guess that probably sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, but our laundry room is over-sized, and it's actually pretty pleasant and cozy when it's not full of clothes. So I'm going to decorate the laundry room all Christmasy with lights and garland, and I was thinking I'd put Trin's miniature Christmas tree in there. Then I'll set up two card tables up against each other and cover them with a Christmas table cloth to make them look like one longer table. I was going to buy some cute Christmas plastic-ware for the kids to eat from, and even put a Christmas centerpiece on their table. Basically whatever it takes to convince the kids that eating Christmas dinner in the laundry room is a "good" thing.

Thanksgiving is still on the horizon, yet all I can think about is Christmas.


  1. Perhaps you could even coax Cass and Trin to do some of your laundry while they are in there. Seriously, though, can't wait for Christmas (but not looking forward to spending all the $$$!)

  2. I'm sure you'll do great with Christmas! I've never done a holiday for my family or in-laws, for which I am thankful. Maybe when I move back to California and am closer to my family, that will change. Perhaps by then I'll be ready for something like that. Then again, I'd just make each of them bring part of the meal, so it wouldn't be too stressful! My family has also done the drawing for a gift exchange and it's always been really great and helps the pocketbook.

    On another note, I'm so jealous that you're already off for Thanksgiving. I won't be off for Thanksgiving until mid-day on Wednesday. I really need the time off, but I get to spend it studying for Geology since I have two geology exams in two days the Monday and Tuesday after the break.

    Okay, enough rambling. :)

  3. Geology was the very last class I took for my BA and I still remember how tough it was. I don't think I learned a thing, either. I pulled off an A-, but I think it was because the instructor was worried I was going to sue her (long story) more than actual merit.

    Sorry that your break is so short. :-( I definitely don't envy you at the moment. Good luck studying!


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