Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleeping In

I slept in until noon today! I haven't done that in years. We were at Mike and Angie's house last night, and we got home sometime before 2:00 a.m. But then Clint and I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. messing with our blogs. Well, he pretty much spent all of his time creating a blog and finding the perfect template for it, etc., which is really funny to me because I seriously doubt that he will actually write in it. As of today, it still has no entries--but hey, at least it's aesthetically appealing. I spent the hour adding a news feed gadget to my blog. It updates several times a day, so hopefully this will encourage me to be more current on politics and the rapid degradation of American values (yes, I realize that I'm one-sided in my perspective--sorry 'bout that).
Clint and I got into a fight this morning. It started over the spa, which is becoming a real sore subject between us. About three months ago, we sold our golf cart for $500. I wanted to use the money to purchase a stainless-steel fridge from Craig's List, since the refrigerator that is currently in our kitchen is spray-painted black in order to somewhat match our other appliances. The spray-painted fridge was supposed to be a "temporary" solution until we had some money to buy a nicer fridge. But Clint, on the other hand, who had started kickboxing the month prior, wanted to use the $500 to purchase a spa to relax his sore muscles after class. My concern with the spa was that it would just sit there in the backyard, collecting dust, because he would never get around to doing all the work involved with hooking it up (he is very busy with work, school, and kickboxing). Well, he wound up talking me into the spa, and three months later, guess where it is? In our backyard, empty, still not hooked up. So I occasionally get bitter about this, because if we had gone with the fridge, I would have been enjoying it for the past few months, but instead we have this worthless spa that's just eating up space in our backyard, and of course our $500 is gone. So today, being in an excessively hormonal mood, I picked a fight about it. In retrospect, our fight was pretty comical. At one point in our argument Clint declared that he needed to put me on Craig's List, although he'd have to list me for free to get rid of me. This didn't go over so well (although he did wind up apologizing sometime after). At another point of our argument, I waved my hot curling iron threateningly in his direction when he wouldn't leave me alone. Real mature, I know.

The thing with me and Clint is that we don't fight a lot, but when we do, we don't fight "lightly"...neither one of us is made up that way. We go into full-fledged crazy mode. But after eleven years of marriage, I don't question this anymore. I can't say I love the way we fight, but I do love it that our marriage is so full of character. It reminds me of part of a song that states "I want to sunburn to know that I'm alive..." (can't remember the song or artist at the moment). Sure, I could be in a luke-warm marriage in which my spouse and I never do anything more but the occasional mild-mannered bickering, or I can be part of a marriage in which we go through the full-range of human emotions together. Call me a sadomasochist, but I'd never trade what I have. As far as I'm concerned, you have to go through the lowest of lows to experience the highest of highs.

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