Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Killed a Bowling Pin

I'm going to make this one quick because I have to get some laundry done before bedtime. It would be really great to have something clean to wear to work tomorrow, instead of having to "spot clean" my work pants and throw them in the dryer.

I went to the shooting range today with my mom, dad, Shannon, Jeremy, and my niece Cassidi. It was so exhilarating to be able to shoot my gun...the last time I shot it was the day Adam and Sarah separated. I remember because it was on Clint's birthday, and we went to the gun range down-the-hill to celebrate (that was Clint's idea of fun). I believe that was two years ago now, but I'm really bad with tracking time because it seems to be going faster and faster. Anyway, today was such a pleasant day. The weather was beautiful--mid seventies and sunny. I've never been to an outdoor range before and I really loved it. We stayed for quite a long time, and I'm pretty sure that by the end, we had all shot to our heart's content. During our last hour there (after endless tries), I was finally able to shoot a bowling pin and a clay pigeon.

After we finished at the gun range, we were all ravenously starving, so we drove up to the village at Lake Arrowhead to eat lunch. Shannon, Jeremy, and my mom wanted to try this nice-looking Mexican restaurant, but my dad and I didn't want Mexican because we had just had it the day before. So we swayed them toward this new little cafe, and it wound up being pretty terrible. The place was messy, they were sold out on half of the items on their menu (which were already overpriced), and the server was not exactly what I would call "professional" (he was wearing a rockstar-looking shirt and his hat was on backwards). But we did have a great view of the lake, and the food, while mediocre, was still pretty satisfying (hunger makes you less picky). Still, we probably should've just gone for Mexican.

After lunch we perused the shops for a little while, went to a little bakery that had the most delicious chocolate chip/walnut cookies imaginable (and their pumpkin-spice chai was to die for...I stole a few drinks from my sis), and then headed home. I was so proud of myself, because I managed to drive home by myself from Crestline for the first time ever without feeling that panicky feeling I usually get. This time the landmarks finally stood out to me in a more friendly, familiar way, and I never had to call Clinton or my sister once to get directions. I know it's ridiculous to be proud of such a trivial, "normal" thing, but I can't explain how accomplished I felt making that drive today. Now it's officially on the "safe" list, and the fear of that drive will never again be a reason that I can't visit my sister.

The only downfall to the whole day was that I forgot to bring my gun case home...along with everything in it. Clint made me feel sort of crappy about this when I got home, but he later apologized and now seems to be over it.

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