Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This & That

I have been so mind-numbingly busy and feel nearly desperate to have just one evening to sit in front of the television and personify a couch potato. Of course, here I am cutting into my free time right now by typing a new post instead of vegging.

Today was a decent day. I had to period sub for a choir class, which turned out to be a pretty easy gig. Then for my own classes, the students had to take their benchmark, so I actually got some time behind my desk. After work I stayed for tutoring, and during the last five minutes me and one of my students, Cole, decided to race. He was certain that he was faster than me, I felt certain that I was faster than him, so of course it was only natural to figure out who was right and who was wrong. Ironically, we wound up with a dead-even tie, so now we have to do a re-match during next week's tutoring session (we accomplish a lot of worthwhile things during tutoring).

Sarah went to kickboxing with Clint and me yesterday. I feel really proud of her. She was exhausted and I could tell that she was internally dying, but she hung in there and gave it everything she had. Brandon was wonderful with her too...he was very empathetic and motivational. She signed up for a two year contract, but I feel worry that "life" will start getting in the way and she'll wind up not going. I only worry about this because I know how hard it is to motivate myself to go consistently, and she has an even further drive and a busier life.

I guess Kristyn and I are no longer friends, although it's not like we really had a relationship anyway, so I guess I'm not really "out" anything. She wrote a long post about me in her blog, and although it painted an unflattering image of me, a part of me feels touched by the fact that she wrote all that she did. I know it sounds strange, but the fact that she took the time to say what she did at least sends me the message that she cares somewhat about our situation. We sort of left things off at an impasse, although based on her last message she was quite angry with me--we are both way to stuck on our own perspectives and can't seem to give in on certain things. At least we've had a little bit of closure, I suppose, before calling it quits. The funny thing is, despite everything, if she ever did move back to the desert, she is someone I'd actually enjoy hanging out with. There is something about her cynicism that I find refreshingly honest. But I know that it's not a two-way street--I'd get on her nerves immensely. I'm way too optimistic and God-loving for her taste. Plus I'd want to talk about my kids once in awhile.

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