Friday, October 9, 2009

Grading and Dreaming

Quarter one grades were turned in today...sigh of relief! Us teachers don't get a break between the first two quarters, but it's just refreshing to be able to start from scratch next week. I am still struggling to muster up the enthusiasm for this year's students that I had for last year's. It's been ten weeks now and still there are no emerging personalities. My students are either incredibly helpless (expecting to get their grades handed to them on a silver platter) or they are talented academically but have about as much character as a paper plate (don't ask where the paper plate simile came from...I think I must have still had the silver platter in my head). Last year I had such high-energy students that, although were challenging and head-ache inducing, entertained me on a daily basis. I miss them so much. Since last year was my first year teaching honors, I mistakenly assumed that all honor's kids were like that particular group...rambunctious and witty and slightly insane. But with this new honor's group, I'm now questioning this. Honors kids apparently come in all sorts of packaging, and this year's packaging is a little on the dry side. But, at the minimum, at least they are cooperative and relatively easy to teach. I'm sure in time they will grow on me.

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I am really tired and think I will curl up and take a nap.

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