Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fair and Fire

We went to the L.A. County Fair yesterday.  For the first couple of hours it was just me and Clint with the kids, and we arrived early before the crowds hit and were able to take in a lot of the things on our hit-list for the day. We went into this "under the sea" exhibit where the kids were able to play in beach sand and build towers with giant foam blocks, which they loved. Next we sat at a nice outdoor table in the shade and munched on giant corn dogs and fried zucchini. After lunch, we went to the giant barn area, where we must have spent at least an hour or two. We went through all of the different animal exhibits and saw countless cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and even a camel and a llama. We took the kids through the petting zoo, which was huge compared to other petting zoos that I've walked through in the past. The kids later went through a giant hay maze, and then we went to a goat miking-demonstration, where both kids were chosen as volunteers to milk a goat.

At one point, we got a phone call saying that Mike and Angie were planning on going to the fair too, so we decided to meet up with them. The first problem was that, while our ticket into the fair had only cost us one dollar a person (they were running an admission special from 11:00-1:00), Mike's and Angie's tickets were $17.00 each. That is a pretty outrageous price just to get into the fair, especially when you consider that everything costs once you're inside. The next issue was, right when Mike and Angie arrived, so did half of the was very crowded. Angie seemed very unhappy navigating the stroller through the crowds, and I was feeling awkward because I knew that her and Mike had paid a lot of money to go to the fair that day.

Luckily, the day improved drastically after the first hour or two. Mike bought me and Angie a spiked lemonade and himself a beer, right about the same time that my sister called and told me that the pass was closed due to the fire. I don't know if it was the drink that relaxed everyone or just the idea that "Hey, we're stuck here for awhile so we might as well make the best of it," but after that the mood lightened up tremendously and we were able to have an enjoyable time.

After the fair, we all went to "Dave's Famous BBQ" for dinner, and it was so delicious.  Luckily the pass opened, so we were able to drive home after dinner. The drive home was exciting...we had a great view of the fire from the freeway. It was breathtaking. At first we could only see the orange glow from a distance, but as we continued to drive, the glow grew larger and larger until we could actually see the flames rolling down the mountainside. It looked so close, but I'm sure that was an optical illusion considering it was night-time and the flames were so bright.

This morning we went to church, but I didn't get anything out of the service because my eye was agitated the whole time. Stupid eye.

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