Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Birthday

My birthday yesterday was so pleasant! The morning started off pretty normal; I got up at 6:00 a.m. to go to work. I never told anyone at work that my birthday was approaching, so I didn't expect any attention, but it sort of "leaked out" (long story, but Facebook was part of the reason). During my first period, one of my students gave me a vase full of red roses, a balloon, and a card. Then, during fourth period, Clinton surprised me at work with a pot full of marigolds and another birthday balloon. Later, for fifth period, another student was pulled out of my class by a campus assistant (who also happens to be his mom), and they both returned with a vente-sized vanilla-mocha frappuchino from Starbucks. They put shiny sparklers next to the straw and wrote "Happy Birthday!" all over the cup. It was very touching (and delicious). Then, finally, during eighth period, ASB came in with an arm full of balloons and gave me a giant hand-made card that featured a collage of pictures from ASB Camp. All the girls from camp signed the card. It's really cute and I plan to hang it up in my room.

After work, I went to Maan Fu with my family, which is a Japanese restaurant where they grill the food on a large hibache grill right at your table. It was awesome...I loved how dramatic the presentation of the food was. During dinner I received gifts from my parents and Clint. Clint got me the most beautiful laptop for my birthday (which I'm using right now), but the way he presented it was hilarious. I would explain it if I could possibly do the hilarity of it justice, but it would take too long.

After dinner we went out for drinks. I had so much fun! Shannon and Sarah got me to sing karyoke, even though my voice is raspy and awful. The only downfall of the evening was that I had to leave so much earlier than I wanted to because I had work the next morning. I was supposed to have a BTSA observation today which was making me feel nervous about being out late, but ironically, this morning, my observer called and cancelled.
When I got home from partying with my family, I discovered a special birthday message on FB from one of my coworkers that particularly stood out. Again, explaining the message would not do it any justice and would take way too long, but it was so creative and hilarious. I found out today that it had taken him 45 minutes to compose it for me. This sounds so cliche, but his e-mail was a perfect ending to a nearly perfect day. I just went to bed feeling so special.

Today I have been dragging. I'm fatigued with cramps and the beginnings of a cold. So I guess I am officially coming down from my birthday high.