Friday, September 4, 2009

Movie Night at the Dojo

We went to the Movie Night at the dojo tonight. It was kind of cool to be in there with all the lights out and everyone curled up around pillows. The highlight of the evening though happened before the movie began. Some of the boys were fooling around (in amazing, talented ways) and accidentally cracked the base of Sensei Brandon's $400 punching bag, spilling water across the mat. Josh immediately tried to get away from the bag, but the water basically turned the mat into a slip-and-slide, and he wound up slipping and falling all over the floor. When he finally escaped the "flood" area, the guys all realized that Brandon was going to be furious when he saw his punching bag. So they tried to cover the situation before Brandon came back into the dojo (he was out in the parking lot). Josh grabbed a mop and Bo found some black electric tape, and they both hurriedly tried to repair the damages while Matt played the role of look-out. Josh was mopping the water up as fast as he could when suddenly Matt shouted out "He's coming!" Josh responded with "Oh crap!" and threw the mop onto the middle of the mat and ran away, ducking for cover behind a bench. When Brandon walked in, there was a wet mat, a mop lying perspicuously on the floor, and several very guilty looking people. Brandon demanded, "What happened?" and Josh crept out and stated, "I'm really sorry sir. I just couldn't hold it any longer and had an accident on the mat." Of course that set all of us into hysterics (yes, I know...we're such mature "grown-ups") and blew Josh's cover story. Little by little Brandon learned the truth, and he was not happy, to say the least. Those boys will probably be doing push-ups until Memorial Day.

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