Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wipe Out

Right now Carey is over and we're watching Wipe Out...well, I'm half-watching it and half-typing this, doing neither one very well. Clint's family was over for dinner a couple of hours ago, but Carey stayed over to watch the kids so Clint and I could go on a quick jog, and now he's sitting on the couch cuddling with the kids and watching contestants clobber themselves on the Big Balls. It's actually really pleasant. I'm currently experiencing one of those rare moments of contentment, but give it about five minutes and I'm sure I'll be back to my healthily- stressed self.

Today I spent almost the entire day grading. It was very boring. I wish there was a way to be a teacher and never have to grade. But we did manage to clean the house at the superficial level today, and that makes me feel good because I always find my home very cute when it's clean. Then I pretty much hate it when its dirty and want to move. It's a very complex relationship. We also had a good lunch today (Ono Barbeque--my favorite). Followed by more grading, dinner and jogging. For dinner Clinton prepared a very fancy meal of hot dogs and little baggies of chips. I made sure to use my good dishes and set up the table in true-entertaining style to go with our very eloquent meal. We only have to fix dinner for Clint's family once every three weeks now (all three families alternate Sundays), so it's important to put a lot of thought into what we prepare. =)

Jogging was grueling like it was last Sunday, but a world better because this time I had music. Clint downloaded a whole bunch of awesome music for me on this bulky, archaic i-Pod that I swear looks like one of those life-alert contraptions that senior citizens where if they've "fallen and can't get up." Nonetheless, it works great, and running to "Aajkiratt" from Slum Dog Millionaire is a hell of a lot better than running to the slapping of my shoes against the uneven asphalt and the heavy panting of my breath because I'm dying (or so it feels), not to mention the incessant yapping of dogs who feel offense toward these clumsy human bodies jogging past their yard.

Shannon called from Vegas today. She fractured her foot on her way to Vegas and has been hobbling around since then. Apparently it happened when she was getting out of her car--she tripped or stumbled in a bad way (she had her own little "wipe out"--hee hee). She won't go to the doctor because she has no insurance. I think I should feel something here like compassion or sympathy, but for some reason I find the whole thing really funny. I think it's just because it is so typical-Shannon.

Time for me to negate my jogging now by eating something unhealthy.

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