Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Stuff

It is way past my bedtime, but I have to write a quick post so that Shan isn't bummed when she checks my blog and discovers nothing new. =) Today was the usual: evil alarm, work, kickboxing, and down time (an emphasis on the former and not enough of the latter). As usual, I loved my class tonight. Brandon is so talented and amazing (and let's not forget mildly sadistic and evil), and it still baffles me that he patiently devotes so much of his time to us pitiful pinions. And as I alluded to in my last post, I'm beginning to feel so close to the students in the class, guys and girls alike. Females who kickbox are awesome; they're friendly and down-to-earth without a snotty bone in their body. They aren't the drama queens that I come across in other arenas of my life. And the guys are just sweet, humble, and helpful. Today I noticed that my legs feel harder and stronger. Too bad they're peeling from a nasty sunburn--they'd probably look hot if it weren't for that little issue. As it stands these curls of skin shedding from my legs look like white hairs from a distance. Imagine a seventy-year-old who hasn't shaved in a year, and you've got me.

Last night was Back to School Night, and I can't explain why, but the whole evening left me feeling completely energized. I guess I'm still a child at heart, because there's just something enchanting about being at school at night. But beyond that, my presentation went great and the feedback I got from the students and parents was very positive.  When I came home last night, I was so amped up over the evening that it took me hours to fall asleep. And then, when I finally did, I had nightmares that it was Back to School Night all over again, but this time everything was going terribly wrong. Isn't that weird? I would think I'd have those kind of dreams before the event, not after. But it was okay, because when I woke up I reminded myself that it actually went well and then drifted back to sleep feeling very pleasant. Enter: Evil alarm.

Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait! Not for Friday--Friday's suck (students too hyper, teacher too weary, etc.), but I can't wait until I can sleep in on Saturday. Eight hours sounds so damn appealing right now that I can practically taste it.

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  1. Yay! My day is complete! I am glad your back to school night went so fantastic. I am SO proud of you! I decided that I better start working out since you are in kick boxing. Otherwise, you are going to be hotter than me, if you aren't already. LOL


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